Chiefs Say Good Bye To the Future Hall of Famer

phil henryContributor IApril 23, 2009

Today at 1:39 p.m. the Chiefs decided to part ways with the best tight end in NFL history to the Atlanta Falcons, for a second-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

He held numerous records with the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL for tight ends with 916 receptions, 10,940 yards, 76 touchdowns and 26 100-yard receiving games. With 916 career receptions, he is ranked ninth all time in NFL history.

Tony Gonzalez was more than just a NFL player. He was a true hero, a true idle,  and a TRUE professional in every since of the word. Atlanta truly has a true football player and should be a much better football team now that they have TG.

The Chiefs in return get a second-round pick, but its not even in this years draft. As you all know we traded that second round pick to the Patriots for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel.

My opinion is this; the Chiefs will not be better off without him. Tony Gonzalez is not replacable no matter how you look at it. Yes we get a second-round pick, which is higher then most of us expected him to be traded for, but he is one person who can not be replaced.

I'm not saying we should not have made the trade, because this was the best available out there, but we are talking about a player who still has 3-4 years of solid football left, and already has his place in the NFL Hall of Fame.

K.C. will miss him, but Tony needed this and the Chiefs needed this. It just worked out for both parties. He will be better off in Atlanta, and I wish him nothing but success (he deserves it).