Emmy Rossum Takes over NY Knicks Twitter Account, Users Photoshop Her a Goatee

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 19, 2013

Image via sportsgrid.com
Image via sportsgrid.com

We try to give the Internet nice things, but the Internet just turns around puts a beard on these things.

Looking to drum up the fan excitement and promote their upcoming playoff series with the Boston Celtics, the New York Knicks franchise tried to do something new Thursday by handing over the controls of their Twitter account to celebrity superfan Emmy Rossum for several hours.

The stunt—hashtagged #emmytakeover—was all supposed to be in good fun, but what followed was a hairy, hairy catastrophe. 

Rossum, an American actress on the television show Shameless, began writing tweets for her favorite basketball team, answering questions about who her favorite Knicks players of past and present are.

She even worked in a few slick lines from a Big Punisher song.

Everything was going well until Rossum invited disaster into all of our lives.

With that, Rossum with a goatee photos started showing up on Twitter and around the Internet.

The joke here is that the Knicks head coach Mike Woodson has a lustrous goatee, as well Carmelo Anthony (more of a poor excuse than a real effort, but I’ll give him some credit).

With that being said, why oh why do we have to do these things? Granted, Rossum literally asked for it, but do we have to give everyone and everything a beard? 

The answer is yes, everyone is getting a beard, whether they want it or not. One day we’ll all wake up to a beard photoshopped on our faces, and we’ll have to accept it. 

Rossum learned what happens when you invite the Internet into your life and begin challenging it to Photoshop contests. 

Who knows what Photoshop battle we’ll see next out of the Knicks’ Twitter? Maybe Spike Lee riding a shorse. 

You’re welcome.

Accept the shorse, love the shorse: Dr__Carson