Ranking the 11 Most Embarrassing Moments in the 2013 NHL Season

Franklin SteeleAnalyst IIApril 19, 2013

Ranking the 11 Most Embarrassing Moments in the 2013 NHL Season

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    The 2013 NHL season was cut short by an embarrassing lockout, and plenty of equally embarrassing bloopers followed once play finally resumed in January. Some miscues, of course, are better than others, so we'll rank them for you here.

    Even the most talented, All-Star caliber NHL players are subject to embarrassing moments. On a nightly basis, these guys provide us with snipes and dangles galore, giving us all something to be giddy about while watching games or highlight packages.

    But occasionally, Lady Luck turns her back on those playing in the best hockey league on earth, leaving them to hang their head in shame on the bench while an arena full of people laugh at them and fans at home scramble to get the hilarious clip onto YouTube first.

Dallas Stars Fans Have Some Fun with Jaromir Jagr

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    This moment isn't as embarrassing as it is funny. Dallas Stars fans welcome Jaromir Jagr by (loosely) dressing as him and donning nearly every jersey that he's ever worn.

    They even managed to get a few laughs out of the wily veteran.

Paul MacLean Has a Twin, Apparently

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    Around the NHL, Paul MacLean is known for two things: his outstanding coaching abilities and his monstrous mustache.

    From the stands, fans can only duplicate one of those things, so it's no surprise that MacLean's long-lost twin brother magically appeared with seats on the glass and behind the bench in this instance. Making it even more humorous are his attempts not to crack a smile throughout the game.

Off of Sam Gagner, off of Ryan Suter and into the Net

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    Goals don't get much weirder than this.

    Sam Gagner "scores" against the Minnesota Wild as the puck seems to have a mind of its own. When Ryan Suter tries to bat the puck out of the air, he more or less manages to carry it through and into his own net.

    Odds are you'll never see a play unfold quite like this ever again.

6'9'' and He's a Ballerina'

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    Zdeno Chara isn't exactly known as a fleet-footed defenseman that can make you pay if you over-commit because of his speed.

    But on this night the big man channeled his inner Denis Savard, scorching everyone on the ice with a beautiful spin-o-rama before burying a dandy goal.

    How would you like to be known as the guy that got burned by a pirouetting 6'9'' monster of a man?

Erik Gudbranson Smashes into the Glass, Gets His Glove Stuck

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    What was Erik Gudbranson trying to accomplish here? The sequence of events is so bizarre, it's almost like he planned it.

    He launches himself a few feet into the air, slamming himself into the boards. The impact of the collision is such that it causes separation between two panes of glass, which is where Gudbranson ends up losing his glove.


John Carlson, Pinball Wizard

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    You never want to be the goalie that gives up an odd goal from center ice. It's one of the more frequent weird plays that can occur, but it doesn't make things any less embarrassing for a goalie like Tomas Vokoun.

    He over-commits on this play in a big way and ends up paying the ultimate cost. That's right—an embarrassing clip on YouTube.

Jussi Jokinen Needs to Work on His in-Game Scoring Celebrations

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    Nothing beats the high of scoring a goal in hockey. From the NHL all the way down to burying one while playing street hockey against your friends, seeing the back of the net pop sets off a thrill that runs deep.

    Jussi Jokinen has scored his fair share of goals in the NHL, but losing your footing and hitting the deck while trying to celebrate is pretty embarrassing.

    He does his best to play it off, but you know his teammates gave him a hard time about the instance until he was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Chris Mason Solves the Scoring Woes of the Colorado Avalanche

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    Chris Mason is one of the most team-first and professional backups in the NHL, which is why it's surprising that he decided to kick the puck into his own net while facing the Colorado Avalanche.

    While he obviously didn't mean to do it on purpose, that doesn't change the fact that his face is about as red as the goal light that is going off above his head after he does it.

Rick Nash Almost Carries the Goal into His Own Net...in OT

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    This blooper could have been one of the all-time greats.

    Rick Nash gathers the puck in his own zone during an OT period and cuts across his crease to gather some momentum. Yet on his crossover, his skate catches on his leg, causing him to fall toward his own net, with the puck coming dangerously close to going in.

    Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, and perennial Vezina nominee Henrik Lundqvist makes the clutch save against his own teammate. Even John Tortorella got a laugh out of this one, so you know it's good.

Martin Brodeur Trips on His Own Stick

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    Martin Brodeur didn't become the winningest goalie in NHL history without having at least a little blind luck on his side. While the New Jersey Devil has made plenty of miraculous saves in his day, this one might be one of the craziest.

    Seriously, how does that puck stay out of the net?

    It's one of the most awkward sequences that's taken place on the ice this season, but at least Marty could laugh it off since there was no goal on the play.

Martin Brodeur Is the Most Prolific Goal-Scoring Goalie in NHL History

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    Talk about wanting to hide under a rock.

    Plays don't get more embarrassing than scoring into your own open net that is around 180 feet away.


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