The 20 Coolest Fans Ever

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 18, 2013

The 20 Coolest Fans Ever

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    The word "cool" is a relative term, in that everyone has their own ideas of what exactly constitutes coolness. I once dated a guy who rode a unicycle everywhere and he thought it was the coolest thing on the planet. On any planet, actually. 

    Obviously it wasn't cool at all, but he thought it was amazing, and I just didn't have the heart to tell him that it was the most ridiculous thing ever. Although I hope someone told him at some point because otherwise it's just too sad to imagine. 

    My point here is that I've created a list of 20 of the coolest fans in sports. I did my best to be broad with the definition of cool, as an attempt to satisfy all you cool aficionados out there. Which means none of you will be. 

    But I can live with that, because these are all 20 terrifically cool sports fans. And if you don't agree, perhaps it's because someone involved here isn't cool, but it's not the fans. It's you. 

20. Fenway Fan in a Suit Becomes Unlikely Cool Guy

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    As if catching a baseball in your beer at an MLB game isn't cool enough—the ultimate beer pong win. Or loss? I've never really understood what winning and losing actually meant during beer pong—too drunk? 

    Having the semi-cool genes to know that the only thing that could possibly make it any cooler, with every eye in Fenway on you, is to drink the beer…well that's some seriously just badass mamma jamma. 

    Especially since he looks like an accountant. This is probably the only cool thing he's ever done in his life. 

19. Christian Lopez

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    In July 2011, Yankees legend Derek Jeter carved out yet another portion of his vast MLB legacy when he reached his 3,000th career hit at Yankee Stadium. A forever fan named Christian Lopez was lucky enough to catch the historic ball. 

    He was understandably elated, but then immediately faced with a very difficult question: To keep or not to keep. Fans and media alike were at odds over what they would've done in the situation, but Lopez said he never even had a decision to make. 

    He was quoted as saying, "Money's cool and all, but I'm only 23 years old and I have a lot of time to make that. … It's his accomplishment; it's a milestone. Only 27 other people have done this. It's not an everyday thing." 

    Not that Lopez was left empty-handed or anything. The Yanks rewarded him with some pretty sweet seats and ultimately he didn't even get stuck with the massive tax bill that made news in the immediate aftermath. 

    Honestly though, Lopez seems like the kind of guy who would've given Jeter back the ball for nothing—seriously. And lord only knows what he could have got for it on the memorabilia market. Now that's the very definition of a cool guy. 

18. Vancouver Green Men Menace

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    The Canucks Green Men have been doing their thing for years now. Personally, I'm starting to find the whole shtick a little tiresome, but they seem to still really enjoy it up in Vancouver. 

    The fact that their willing to put it all on display, like all of it, in those skintight green bodysuits is cool on its own. It shows they have confidence, a lack of body issues, and a sense of humor. 

    Plus, it's always hilarious to harass someone in the penalty box. 

17. Did You Know If You Add an "I" to ESPN It Can Spell...

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    Making signs for ESPN's College GameDay and generally making a spectacle of your university is a time-honored tradition.

    The signs and the students are usually amusing, but not entirely creative. Who can blame them though, they're probably hung over from the night before, and have been drinking since dawn.

    Unless you're Ernest Hemingway, that's not usually a formula for creative success. But in 2011, some amazing USC fan had an inspired idea when he or she created this gem of a sign.

    I'm actually not sure if I'm allowed to type that word out, but it seems okay if someone else does. Either way. Whoever made that infamous ESPN sign is one of the coolest sports fans ever. 

16. Fan Makes the Great Escape

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    I actually just recently wrote a piece on why you should never storm the field at a sporting event. No matter how amazing it sounds in theory, it pretty much always ends terribly for the fan. 

    But in May 2011, an Astros fan proved there are exceptions to every rule when he decided he'd rather risk getting tased and dragged away in handcuffs than a single second more of watching the Astros suck. 

    So he jumped the fence and did his thing. Within 30 seconds, with security in hot pursuit, he decided to put the whole thing in reverse and jumped back into the stands and took off. Evading the fuzz and earning his cool card forever. 

15. Vikings Superman Responsible for Super Season?

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    Okay, maybe the Vikings' 2012 season wasn't super super, but it was pretty dang impressive. Show me someone who guaranteed preseason they'd make the playoffs and I'll show you a damn fool. And a liar. 

    Now, I'm not going to say that the Vikes owe all their success to this particular fan who has the cojones to dress up as a discolored Superman. But if I had to guess, I'd probably give this awesome fan about 50 percent of the credit. 

    Adrian Peterson, naturally, gets the other 50 percent. 

14. Now That's How You Distract the Opposition

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    This one might be a little controversial because "cool" is really a subjective term. My guess is the guys will think it's pretty cool and the gals will think it's…not so much. 

    But not all girls, because I think it's hilarious. The video was uploaded in May 2011 and a female Canucks fan with seats near the penalty box had a very interesting way of distracting the Sharks fan in the box. 

    The guy who uploaded the video sure seems to think she's cool and a very effective fill-in for Vancouver's iconic Green Men. I agree. I say, let's change it up a little. 

13. Spike Lee

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    Director Spike Lee has been such a courtside staple at Knicks games for so long that they might as well make him the GM or something. He certainly couldn't have done any worse than Isiah Thomas—am I right, folks?

    Lee is just a cool guy. He makes cool movies. He has cool friends. He was smart enough to know He Got Game needed a basketball player who could act, rather than an actor who could play basketball, if it was going to work. Lee stands out as non-playa, playa in city that boasts a population approaching 10 million.

    And he just so happened to be in the center of one of the most famous incident in NBA history, when the Pacers' Reggie Miller almost single-handedly orchestrated a last-minute miraculous comeback against the Knicks back in 1994 just to spite the director.

    The incident was so spectacular that more than a decade later, it spawned its own ESPN "30 for 30" documentary Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks. If that's not cool, I don't know what is!

12. Phillies Fan Asks Dad Permission to Run onto the Field

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    Phillies fan Steve Consalvi is just a cool guy. He's a type of guy who grabs life by the balls and just says, "What the hell." But not until he calls his dad and asks permission first.

    But even if his dad says no, he does it anyway because sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. You have to forge your own path in this world, ya know?

    Back in May 2010, a 17-year-old Consalvi was taking in a game at Citizens Bank Park when he developed a pretty severe fever. And the prescription? Jumping the fence and running around the field like a lunatic.

    He had a pretty good run before he was taken down with a taser and has since become one of the most famous field crashers in U.S. history. Some things are just worth getting tased for. 

11. Fan Absolutely Owns Mascot in Dunk Contest

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    Learning those creative dunks off a trampoline is basically day one of mascot school. So it's no surprise the Wizards' mascot can do one in his sleep. Good lord, the home fans in Washington need someone to score.

    But they're a lot harder than they look, so it's no surprise that fans aren't quite as good at them. In this video the mascot kicks off the action, followed by a number of fans who make absolute fools of themselves.

    Kinda like the Wizards on the court each year. But right around 1:20, a fan comes up with a dunk that puts them all to shame.

    Like all off them. Seriously, of every person in the Verizon Arena that night, he was by far the coolest.

10. Who Says Girls Don't Love Sports?!

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    As a woman who writes about sports (and pop culture), I've taken my share of garbage from the vocal minority of men out there who believe I should be fetching them sandwiches, rather than watching sports. Or talking sports. Or writing about sports. 

    Whatever, though, that's just the world in which we live and, thankfully, it's changing every day. Ladies can be every bit the sports fan as the men in their lives, and sometimes even more so! Not so sure? Well check out this video. 

    When the Angels' Josh Hamilton made his return to Arlington in April 2013, a Rangers fan was lucky enough to nab one of his foul balls. The guy who made the grab was excited enough, but his girlfriend? Damn! You'd have thought they just won the World Series. 

    Love that kind of enthusiasm. Also—that is one lucky man…for many reasons. 

9. Fan so Cool That LeBron James Is HIS Biggest Fan

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    Dude! How cool are you when Heat superstar LeBron James is suddenly your biggest fan? Seriously, that's got to be ridiculous! In January 2013, one lucky Heat fan had the opportunity to sink a half court shot for a cool $75,000 at halftime.

    With tens of thousands of onlookers staring him down, my man mustered everything in him and chucked up a one-handed shot. Seriously! He just grabbed it like one of those shot-put balls, lobbed it high and hard, and sunk the damn thing.

    As if winning the money wasn't baller enough, the fact that everyone on the court reacted as if he had just prevented global nuclear war was even better. And then he was literally lovingly leveled by an overjoyed James. 

    For one moment in time, that guy was seriously the coolest guy in the world. 

8. Mariners Brotastic Beer Pong Hero

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    This probably just seems like a rerun of the guy from Fenway who did the same thing in another slide. And I guess, in a way, it is. But catching a ball in your beer is a pretty big deal, isn't it? Catching a ball in general is a pretty big deal, so obviously one landing in your lager is even bigger.

    The reason this guy is ranked so much higher than the Fenway guy is because he really goes for it. He doesn't just drink the beer...he drinks the beer. He pours it down his mouth, his face, his sweater, and everything else in the immediate vicinity.

    And the onlookers? They are eating that stuff up with a spoon. Probably because they're all bros. But whatever. He's a hero in my book. 

7. Mohawks Mo' Problems

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    Anyone who ever went through a punk rock phase, or has adopted it as a forever lifestyle, knows darn well how tough it is to achieve the perfect Mohawk. 

    You may not like it. You may not want it. But you damn well better respect it. Not only is it cool, and trust me, it is, it's one of the most labor-intensive hair styles out there. And the process to get there? Well, it usually isn't pretty. 

    This guy's Seahawks 'Hawk not only celebrates the team, but Christmas as well! Before seeing this I would have assumed teeny Santa hats on the tips of a Mohawk would detract from its coolness, but it really doesn't.

    In fact, it only ups the ante. 

6. Mascot Challenges, Fan Accepts (and Wins)

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    Mascots have got all the moves mastered. They wouldn't be a mascot otherwise. It may seem like all fun and games, but that crap isn't easy. You've got to be an entertainer, an acrobat, decent at the sport you're representing, and overall athletic as hell.

    So when a mascot calls out a fan and challenges him to anything, rest assured he's only doing it because he thinks he can win. Such was the case with the Nuggets mascot back in 2010. He challenged a fan to best him at a backflip.

    Not only did the fan best his backflip, he followed it up with some ridiculous gymnastics down the court. That moment was so cool for that fan that he'll be telling his family about it on his death bed.

5. Baseball Dad: Best Dad in the World

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    In September 2009, Phillies fan Steve Monforto caught a foul ball during a game against the Nationals, an opportunity that pretty much every baseball fan out there hopes for their entire lives. 

    So when he caught the ball in a flurry of other fans at Citizens Bank Park—it was pretty cool. When he gave it to his daughter? It was even cooler. When homegirl instantly chucked it back? Not. Cool. 

    But Monforto handled it like the coolest dad on earth. Initially stunned, and you know internally devastated, he shook it off and hugged it out with the little girl—who is very lucky to have such a cool dad. 

4. Jack Nicholson

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    Jack Nicholson is unquestionably one of the coolest actors of all time—arguably the coolest. He took a less-than-traditional path with his acting career, so he may not be one of the highest grossing actors of all time. 

    But if you don't think Easy Rider, The Shining, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Chinatown, A Few Good Men, and The Departed speak for themselves…well then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror, nerd.

    Aside from being one of the greatest actors in the history of acting, he's also the Lakers' most loyal kickass cool celebrity fan. Nicholson is routinely spotted courtside in his trademark sunglasses making nice with the players and nasty with the refs. 

3. Naked Streaker Streaks, Escapes Unscathed

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    I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately, but storming the field is not usually a great idea. It's particularly not a great idea to do it naked. Because you're probably going to get caught and then a bunch of dudes are going to be carrying your naked ass around.

    But in September 2012 during a high school football game in Seminole, Fla, a bare-ass naked man donning nothing but a Spiderman mask did just that. The nearly nude avenger hit the field nearly as naked as the day he was born and streaked clear across the field—at an impressive speed too.

    A few security types tried to stop him as he reached the end zone, but he hopped two fences and escaped in an awaiting getaway car. Everything about that is just cool as hell.

    Especially the getaway car, because teenagers really aren't known for their well-thought-out plans. Streaking is cool. Getting away with streaking like that is freaking amazing. 

2. Celtics Fan BECOMES Bon Jovi

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    In truth, I'm not sure how many times I've written about Celtics fan Jeremy Fry over the last few years for one reason or another. No one ever wants to become a broken record, but it's just that this kid is too amazing for words. 

    Every stadium and arena has their repertoire of ridiculous music that's cheap enough to buy the forever rights to—like the Penguins constantly playing "Cotton-Eyed Joe." They play it, people dance about, and the Jumbotron operator scans the crowd. 

    But what Jeremy Fry did at a Celtics game back in 2009 was so much more than that. A nondescript kid who was looking bored as hell, and probably didn't get invited to prom, busted out the most epic impromptu karaoke performance in the history of the world.  

    I've been in love with this kid ever since. 

1. Cell Phone Catch Guy Is Too Cool for School

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    Cell phone people irritate the crap out of me pretty much everywhere. Unless they're calling 911 at the scene of an accident, how about you put your damn phone away for five freaking minutes, idiot—because you're not as important or as cool as you think you are. 

    That being said. The guy in this video might be as cool as he thinks he is. When I'm at a Natties game, I'm surrounded by friends, empty beer cups littering my life, nachos on my lap, and am usually screaming my face off for no reason whatsoever. I'd never catch a ball—unless it landed in my nachos. 

    I'm already multitasking out the ying yang as it is, catching a ball would be unthinkable. Wearing a glove would be unthinkable. Talking on the phone at the same time would be unthinkable. But this crazy SOB Rangers fan managed to rock it hard back in September 2011.

    Kudos, cool guy. 


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