Ranking the Most Creative NBA Players

Lance FreshFeatured ColumnistApril 18, 2013

Time and time again we watch NBA highlights from today's superstars in amazement. Sometimes you have to watch a replay two or three times just to figure out how the play worked. As fans on the outside looking in, we might think these plays are lucky and miraculous. We are so wrong. This is what they do!

People lose sight of how tough it is to make an NBA roster. The last guy on the bench will come to your local Pro-Am tournament and easily drop 50. I see it all the time. NBA players prepare for every situation; double-teams, attacking zones, two-on-one plays, etc. 

You have to be able to think on your feet to avoid turnovers and get the job done. I sat with rapper/producer JCOLE, who's signed to Jay-Z's imprint Rocnation. JCOLE gets paid to create dope tracks, so it's only fitting that we ranked the "Most Creative Players in the NBA"

JCOLE's sophomore album "Born Sinner" is set to release on June 25, 2013.

Who do you think is the most creative player in the NBA? Comment below!


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