Bobby Lashley: Are You The Ultimate Fighter? Part 2

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 23, 2009

Well it seem's Bobby Lashley has finally "CROSSED THE LINE", well to TNA wrestling that is.

TNA Wrestling was promising a former World Champion many expected to see the "Human Wrecking Machine" Taz, but the fans in attendance at TNA Wrestling's annual Lock Down event were set for a shock as the big bulldozer Bobby Lashley hit the ramp and made a shocking appearance.

No one and I mean no one expected this, well not at this time as B Lash was molding and shaping and building a lovely road to the top of the MMA world.

Some say this was the a huge step back and will hurt his goals of one day reaching the UFC (MMA Fans), while others (TNA Wrestling Fans) say this is huge and the best thing that could have ever happened to the company.

Well I see it as a win-win situation not only TNA is trying to step up there game and really become competitors to the MONSTERIOUS WWE, they are allowing Lashley to continue to build his MMA career.

Yes this could lead to an over worked tired out Lashley, but for those readers who really don't know about TNA, their schedule is easier to handle rather than WWE's stressful every day on the road schedule. Also Lashley trains in Florida and it is only a few hour drive for him to do his thing at TNA.

But their is one big problem here UFC is not feeling this whole jumping back to the wrestling ring decision. But if Lashley successfully beats his biggest task so far for a fight there is no doubt UFC cannot pay attention to the man.

If UFC were to offer Lashley a contract or even to come on TUF he better drop TNA and Wrestling all together like a bad habit.

"I think appearing on 'The Ultimate Fighter' would be something great. I saw that, and they said, 'Heavyweights,' and I was like, 'Yeah, let's jump on it.' I think it would be great because what I'm trying to do right now is prove myself," said Lashley.

So Lashley don't back on your word don't become a Kurt Angle and just be all talk, continue to do the right things to be a top star in the world of MMA if TNA and your training/MMA can mix with one another we might be seeing a bright future for Lashley's MMA career and TNA Wrestling.