NBA Draft Order 2013: Teams with Most to Gain from Lottery Picks

Michael DulkaContributor IApril 18, 2013

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The NBA draft order is starting to take shape, but will change based on the draft lottery on May 21 (via ESPN). Teams with lottery picks will have the chance to get the best prospects in order to hopefully improve their team.

With plenty of young, talented teams in the NBA, there are teams that will use lottery picks to change the direction of their franchises. Here is a look at some of the teams that will do so.


3. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs are busy gathering a wealth of talent following their recent struggles. Since LeBron left, the team has added Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and Alonzo Gee. That's a solid young core to build around, mostly because Irving has displayed tremendous potential. The Cavs also have another first-round pick to work with.

With the third-best odds in the draft lottery, the Cavaliers should have the chance to get yet another top rookie. Otto Porter is a great option for this team based on their current draft projection. He's got great length to defend on the perimeter and a do-everything attitude. That type of dedication and sacrifice is needed for this struggling young team.

A starting five of Irving, Waiters, Porter, Thompson and Anderson Varejao is exciting because of the combination of talent and youth. This team would have a chance to grow together and take advantage of a weakened Eastern Conference.


7. Washington Wizards

The Wizards are another team with plenty of talent that can improve by adding a solid draft pick. With John Wall as the center-piece of the franchise, the Wizards need more talented players in order to become a contender. Rookie Bradley Beal had a great season and showed he has a future on this team.

If Wall can take the next step, the Wizards have a chance to be more competitive next season. He's going to need all the help he can get. Adding a good rookie would make it much easier.

An option for the Wizards with the seventh pick would be to grab Glenn Robinson III. He could come in and contribute at small forward. Wall and Beal are a strong duo in the backcourt and adding Robinson to that core would be nice. Another option for the Wizards is to grab a big, possibly Anthony Bennett, to reduce their reliance on the expensive Emeka Okafor.


2. Charlotte Bobcats

Despite winning just 21 games this season, the Bobcats made great strides throughout the year. Their .256 winning percentage is a huge improvement from the woeful .106 winning percentage they posted last season. Kemba Walker was a big reason for the jump as he took more command over the offense.

Last year's draft pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist struggled during his rookie season, but he showed some of the potential that made him a high pick. While he'll contribute next season, he's not much of an offensive weapon. That could mean the Bobcats look to get another scorer in the draft.

If the Bobcats end up with the second pick in the draft, the most likely selection for them is Ben McLemore. The wing from Kansas would fit in nicely, providing the Bobcats with another scoring threat to complement Walker.


Complete NBA draft order (1-14 are subject to change based on draft lottery)

1. Orlando Magic

2. Charlotte Bobcats

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

4. Phoenix Suns

5. New Orleans Hornets

6. Sacramento Kings

7. Washington Wizards

8. Detroit Pistons

9. Minnesota Timberwolves

10. Portland Trail Blazers

11. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Toronto Raptors)

12. Philadelphia 76ers

13. Dallas Mavericks

14. Utah Jazz

15. Milwaukee Bucks

16. Boston Celtics

17. Atlanta Hawks

18. Atlanta Hawks (via Houston Rockets)

19. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Los Angeles Lakers)

20. Chicago Bulls

21. Utah Jazz (via Golden State Warriors)

22. Brooklyn Nets

23. Indiana Pacers

24. New York Knicks

25. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Memphis Grizzles)

26. Los Angeles Clippers

27. Denver Nuggets

28. San Antonio Spurs

29. Oklahoma City Thunder

30. Phoenix Suns (via Miami Heat)