Video Features Soccer Juggling at Its Absolute Finest

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 17, 2013

You might want to just put that ball down and forget all about becoming the best soccer juggler in the world, because we found him. 

BroBible spotted this act of wizardry lurking on YouTube and we are glad they did, because watching a few moments of this video is beyond mesmerizing. 

My first reaction was similar to thoughts I have any time I come across someone performing an act far better than I could dream of doing: This has to be fake. 

I like to think it is, because that would mean my own faults at juggling a soccer ball wouldn't be quite so severe. 

Putting ego aside, I will go ahead and accept this young man is better at keeping a soccer ball from touching the ground than I am at anything. 

The only real downside to this video is that information is scant at the moment. So I ask you kindly to come forward with any details you might have regarding this all-powerful juggler. 

It's at this moment that we have to direct your attention to the other maestro spotted this year (video contains NSFW language). 

That is a Welsh football fan that Deadspin spotted back in March. The rotund athlete was just passing the time by being truly excellent. 

If you need more, SportsGrid has a couple of videos to delight and depress. Yes, this husky soccer star is also far better at juggling than you are. 

If you aren't already depressed about your own skills, let this video of Justin Bieber juggling handle the rest. 

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