Bleacher Report Logo Added to Database

aSenior Analyst IApril 3, 2008

Recently, every article that has to do with Bleacher Report-from member awards to why it's such a great site-have had to use the picture of the custom made t-shirt for the article photo.

While there is nothing wrong with that picture (the shirt is pretty awesome, not gonna lie), I figured I would create an alternative picture for writers to use.

I just took a screen shot of the site and blew up the logo. While the quality isn't fantastic, I figured it's better than nothing. If the site owners want to scrap mine and add a better one, feel free too. I just wanted to get another image in there for the time being.

I wasn't sure how to upload a picture into the database without writing an article so I just threw this together and got the picture added into the system. I just figured another option couldn't hurt so, enjoy!