Croatian Coach Fired After Stealing Player's Credit Card for Jagermeister Bender

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 17, 2013

Photo Credit: (via Yahoo! Sports)
Photo Credit: (via Yahoo! Sports)

Josip "Jozo" Gaspar had an unbelievable hankering for Jagermeister, so the Croatian football coach stole his player's credit card and bought 36 bottles of the sweet nectar. 

Yeah, he was fired. 

Yahoo! Sports' Ryan Bailey reports on what an overabundance of booze will get you nowadays. Well, it's the same as it ever was: nothing good. 

The report is translated from the website and includes the following portion: 

The Dinamo legend was fired because he is suspected of stealing a credit card from one of his own players from the locker room! Supposedly, he used the card to purchase 36 bottles of Jägermeister.

Jager bombs for everybody!

Per the Yahoo! Sports report, the former Dinamo Zagreb player was coaching NK Precko Zagreb in Croatia. At some point, he took one of his players' credit cards for a booze purchase that led to his dismissal in early April. 

Another report at, translated by Yahoo! Sports, fills us in on the specifics. It seems that in total, Gaspar spent a cool 4,000 Croatian Kuna on the alcohol, which equates to about $680.  

The best part, of which there are many, is that the coach went back to buy more liquor from the same exact store that he just purchased 36 bottles.

This time, the card was declined and surveillance cameras had all they needed to make the connection to the now-humiliated coach. 

This particular sordid tale serves as a reminder that nothing good ever happens in a story featuring Jager. 

In fact, there has never been one instance when a tale began, "So we ordered some Jager," only to end with, "And that is how I finished my doctoral program."

It's good to see the liquor is consistent with its cameos in alcohol-related debacles. 

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