Madden 25 Cover Vote: Semifinals Results and Predictions for Finals

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 17, 2013

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The championship of the Madden 25 cover vote is set. It is quite obvious, fans dig running backs. The legendary Detroit Lions back Barry Sanders will represent the legends from the old-school bracket.

Minnesota Vikings superstar Adrian Peterson will represent active players as he emerged from the new-school bracket.

Here's a look at their most-recent triumphs and a look at their clash to determine the man that will appear on the cover.


Old-School Bracket

(1) Jerry Rice vs. (3) Barry Sanders

After Barry knocked off Joe Montana, I knew he would be virtually unstoppable in the old-school bracket. 

Rice actually got further in the process than I expected. I wasn't sure his greatness would resonate with voters as his game didn't have the cool factor that other all-time greats have.

He certainly pales in comparison to Sanders in this regard. That's likely the reason Barry is moving on to the finals.


Winner: Barry Sanders

New-School Bracket

(4) Arian Foster vs. (2) Adrian Peterson

At some point, Foster's improbable run had to come to an end. A.P. has been a vote-garnering juggernaut in this process.

Foster has pulled a few upsets, but not this time. Peterson is the most deserving of any active player. He is the reigning MVP, and he had one of the most memorable seasons in NFL history in 2012.

The voters have consistently rewarded his accomplishments. Foster had quite a run, though.


Winner: Adrian Peterson


Who Gets the Cover?

This comes down to whether fans want a retro cover or a current feel. Both Sanders and Peterson are obviously well-liked and their on-field accomplishments speak for themselves.

It is a difficult choice for me, but I'd love to see Peterson rewarded for his current greatness.

I'd also like to see him put together another amazing season to put that ridiculous curse talk to bed for good—as long as my Chicago Bears still win the division.

I think the voters will feel the same way—except for the Bears part—and Peterson will be the winner of the Madden 25 cover vote.

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