MLB's Most Intense In-Game Competitors

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You will never see these guys taking it easy during a game. They are the rare few who give every last at-bat and pitch the intensity each deserves.

The game just wouldn’t be the same without them. Whether it’s going for an extra base when a single would be just fine or laying out for the miracle catch, they go the extra mile for their teammates.  

The names on our list range from the top-tier superstar to the unheralded glue guy in the lineup. From Clayton Kershaw to Angel Pagan, we have you covered on the who’s who of fierce competitors.  

Join MLB Lead Writer Zachary Rymer and MLB Contributor Gabe Zaldivar as they break down which players are renowned for stepping up their game to unbelievable levels.

Not that we talking heads have the last word on this subject. There are so many names that deserve recognition, which is where you and your fine suggestions come into play.

If only every baseball star would try this hard.    

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