Washington Redskins Post Comments on Twitter Following Boston Marathon Tragedy

John BibbAnalyst IIIApril 16, 2013

Memorials appeared along the route of the Boston Marathon less than 24 hours after the fatal bombing.
Memorials appeared along the route of the Boston Marathon less than 24 hours after the fatal bombing.Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As the tragedy surrounding the unexplained and senseless bombings within view of the finish line at this year's running of the Boston Marathon sink in, several Washington Redskins posted messages on Twitter to share their thoughts, prayers and heartfelt reactions.

The 116th running of the world-renowned Boston Marathon, held traditionally on "Patriots' Day"—a state holiday in Massachusetts—came to a tragic end after two separate bombs exploded along the final quarter-mile of the race within 12 seconds of one another.

According to the Boston Globe, three bystanders are confirmed dead, 176 were injured, 17 are still in critical condition with many of the injured sustaining shrapnel wounds from the explosive device. Some of the injuries were severe and required amputations. Fourteen lost limbs including one spectator who had to have both legs amputated.

It should have been a great moment of celebration for race participants and their families and friends cheering for them as they crossed the finish line four hours after the race begun. Instead, it was a scene of chaos, bewilderment and bloodshed.

Several Redskins players took to Twitter to express their feelings and offer condolences:

The craziness of this world....smh #PrayersForBoston

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) April 15, 2013

(smh in Twitter shorthand stands for "shaking my head.")

Also, Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen:

My heart goes out to everyone effected today in Boston

— Stephen Bowen (@stevebo72) April 16, 2013

And this message from defensive end Adam Carriker:

Thinking of all those affected by the #BostonMarathon bombing.

— Adam Carriker (@AdamCarriker94) April 16, 2013

As flags across the country, including at the White House, fly at half-staff in memory and honor of those killed, injured and effected by the two bombings, the outpouring of emotion and sympathy is felt by all. 

It is good to see Redskins players take time to share a personal message with their followers on social media platforms during a time for many that is private and personal.

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