25 Worst Songs by Footballers

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25 Worst Songs by Footballers

When football and music meet, sometimes the results can be magical.

Many musicians are passionate football fans and singing about their love for the game can make some wonderful art. For example, “Three Lions” by The Lightning Seeds, Baddiel & Skinner , “Theme From Sparta FC” by the Fall and "Strachan" by The Hitchers.

But that is musicians doing music about football. When that exact formula is deviated from, the results can be dire.

Such as musicians trying to be footballers. (Isn't that right, Diana Ross?)

Or, even worse, footballers trying to be musicians.

They very rarely mean harm, but when a person who has spent most of his or her life training to become a professional athlete thinks “making music seems like an easy gig, I might try that,” the results are usually abhorrent.

If you have the stomach, join us on a journey through the 25 worst songs made by footballers.

WARNING: The following slides contain shocking imagery and scenes that some may find disturbing.

Many thanks to Mike Adams of credible music blog Travellers Tunes and Morning Star for helping me rank this list.

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