Reid Fragel: Video Highlights for Former Ohio State OT

Gary Davenport@@IDPSharksFeatured Columnist IVApril 2, 2017

Reid Fragel: Video Highlights for Former Ohio State OT

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    When both starting offensive tackles left Columbus after the 2011 season, Ohio State University was forced to scramble a bit to find their replacements.

    On the right side, the team turned to converted tight end Reid Fragel, who bulked up to 308 pounds for his senior season.

    As points out, "The tight end to offensive tackle switch is a transition that NFL talent evaluators have started to covet." Here's a look at some of the things to like about Fragel's game as he prepares to make the jump to the NFL. 

Impressive Athleticism: vs. Illinois (2012)

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    As Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reported, the Ravens have expressed significant interest in Fragel, who has already visited with the New England Patriots, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears and the Cincinnati Bengals.

    No doubt some of that interest is because of the athleticism that you'd expect from a converted tight end.

    That athleticism is on display in this play from a November win over Illinois.

    In the play, Fragel gets out of his stance and into the second level of the defense very quickly, where he engages and completely overwhelms the Illinois linebacker.

Power Blocking: vs. Michigan State (2012)

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    Speaking of overwhelming a defender, while Fragel often showed off his quickness with the Buckeyes, he was capable of displaying impressive power as well.

    On this quarterback keeper from a September victory over Michigan State, Braxton Miller may have chosen to run away from Fragel's block. However, if you glance at the top of the offensive line, you'll notice Fragel getting excellent leverage on the defensive end, whom he rides to the ground.

Proper Technique: vs. Wisconsin (2012)

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    If there's a knock on Reid Fragel, it's that with only one season of experience as a tackle, Fragel still has a ways to go in learning the in and outs of the position.

    With that said, if this play from Ohio State's November win over Wisconsin is any indication, then Fragel is a very quick study.

    On this pass play from the game's second quarter, Fragel's footwork and hand placement are both textbook, affording quarterback Braxton Miller all the time in the world to find the open man downfield.

'The Game': vs. Michigan (2012)

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    There's no bigger game for a senior at Ohio State than the last game of the regular season against the  arch-rivals from "that state up north."

    The Buckeyes emerged victorious from their 2012 meeting with the Wolverines, thanks in large part to the solid play of Fragel on the right edge that Saturday afternoon.

    On this play, Fragel does a good job keeping his assignment in front of him while moving laterally, and the result is an Ohio State touchdown.

Future Trickeration?: vs. Arkansas (2011)

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    Granted, according to the record books the 2011 Sugar Bowl never happened, thanks to violations committed by several Ohio State players and former head coach Jim Tressel.

    However, I'm pretty sure the game was played.

    As this pass play from the game reminds us, at one time Reid Fragel was a tight end with pretty good hands, and those hands will come in, well, handy if an NFL team is ever inclined to run the ol' tackle-eligible gadget play at the goal line.