Most Powerful Images from Boston Marathon Tragedy

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistApril 16, 2013

Most Powerful Images from Boston Marathon Tragedy

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    The serenity and celebration of the 2013 Boston Marathon was shattered by a vicious attack on innocent bystanders enjoying one of the most famous sporting events in the world.

    In the face of overwhelming sadness and devastation, the Boston community instantly stepped up in the most trying of times and showed the true heart and determination of the city and of this great nation.

    Through the anguish came images of heroes risking their lives to run toward the blast locations and help the fallen victims. These courageous men and women helped save and tend to many wounded spectators on this tragic day.  

    We continue to share our thoughts and prayers with the people of Boston in their time of need.

The Victims

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    The pain and anguish on the face of the man pictured represents that of all of the hundreds of victims of the attack on the Boston Marathon.

Medical Personnel Making a Difference

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    Thanks to the actions of the hundreds of police officers and medics who were working the Boston Marathon, the victims of the attack were able to get to medical facilities in a timely fashion. The ability of those first responders to stay calm under pressure saved lives.

Police and Fire Personnel Shine Through Adversity

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    After the blasts, police instantly sprung into action to help the victims and get the rest of the onlookers out of the area. The efforts of the police, fire and medical crews cannot be ignored.

Finding Loved Ones

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    Many of the runners in the Boston Marathon were participating with a loved one or were there to support someone in the race. The chaos these attacks created made it difficult for families and friends to find the people they cared about most.

Trying to Figure out What Happened

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    Despite the fact that about half the field had already crossed the finish line, there were many men and women still on the course trying to finish the race when the explosions occurred.

Human Emotion in Every Form

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    Between the exhaustion of a 26.2-mile race and the emotion of witnessing a tragedy like what occurred at the Boston Marathon, the raw emotion in these photographs is heart-wrenching.

Officials Take the Podium

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    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston police commissioner Edward Davis spoke to the media in the heat of the moment to calm down the people of Boston and call for the help of anyone that could possibly assist in the investigation of this crime.

Police Working with Runners

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    The Boston police and officials did a great job keeping order amidst the chaos and getting people to safety, and while sadness prevailed Monday, the pride for the men and women that responded is felt across the nation.

The Serenity Is Gone

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    Where the 2013 Boston Marathon should have been wrapping up with a huge celebration, a member of the bomb squad in full protective gear is forced to search bag after bag with the intention of finding and disarming any additional bombs that may have still been present. 

President Obama Is Briefed

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    According to, "President Obama said Tuesday the FBI is investigating the deadly twin bombings as an 'act of terrorism' and vowed to 'find whoever harmed our citizens and bring them to justice."

    The United States will stick together and stand tall despite this tragedy. Adversity will not hold our great nation down.