Can the New York Yankees Win the Al East?

Nathaniel FrumContributor IApril 3, 2008

Just coming off a wild card win and a division series loss, the Yankees are in position to make a serious run at the AL East division title. The AL East is arguably the toughest division in baseball, but with their younger rotation, the Yankees will be tough to beat.

Last year, the Yankees’ average age was 30.6 years old. This year it’s down to 29.4 years old. This may not sound like a big difference, but when the Yankees get to the end of the season and into the postseason, younger pitchers will have more energy left and will be less battered up.

As always, the Yankees and the Red Sox will battle it out for the division title, but this year there could be another team in the mix, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Last year the Jays team batting average was .259, so this year, they added David Eckstein and Scott Rolen, who give them the hitters they needed. With A.J. Burnett’s bad shoulder and fingernail and B.J Ryan’s bad elbow, this Toronto team has too many injured pitchers to compete for the AL East.

The Red Sox have the same problem as Toronto: too many injured pitchers.

Beckett's on the 15-day DL with Timilin, and Schilling is on the 60-day DL. The last thing the Sox and Schilling need are more injuries.

As for Josh Beckett you never want to start a season off with an injury; it’s always a bad sign.

If the Yankees can stay healthy, they are the team to beat in the AL East.