5 Reasons Ryback Will Make a Better Heel Than a Babyface

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIApril 16, 2013

5 Reasons Ryback Will Make a Better Heel Than a Babyface

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    Three words that the WWE Universe has become pretty familiar with since Ryback broke onto the scene last April. 

    Since Ryback started Shell Shocking random jobbers left and right, he's taken on a babyface persona, especially after his "FEED ME MORE" catchphrase started to become a popular chant with live audiences.

    However, after the last two Monday Night Raw shows, it's starting to look like Ryback is going to turn heel and take on his former buddy, John Cena. 

    For WWE fans, that's great news.

    Here are five reasons that Ryback will fare much better as a bad guy in the WWE.  

1. He's a Monster

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    The first reason is pretty obvious: Ryback is a monster. 

    The wrestler formerly known as Skip Sheffield is an absolute freak athlete. He's Shell Shocked more than one guy on numerous occasions and he's even lifted guys like Mark Henry, Big Show and Tensai on his shoulders a few times. 

    Ryback's musclebound physique is exactly what you look for in a monster bad guy. He's a freak and has the pure strength to toss people around the squared circle like rag dolls. Ryback's physical appearance works much better with a heel persona than it did as a face. 

    Some of the most successful heels in recent history have been giant monsters. With his new-found badness, Ryback will join the ranks of guys like Brock Lesnar, Batista and Paul Wight. 

2. He's Had Enough Time as a Face

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    Ryback will be much better as a heel because, honestly, who wants to see him as an awkward face any more? He's had his run as a face and it's been lukewarm, to say the least. 

    His alignment hasn't really ever come into play except for a few run-ins against CM Punk and The Shield. His character won't change all that much by making him a heel and, since he hasn't blown anyone away as a face, why not give him a shot as the bad guy? 

    Ryback has played it good long enough. He's had his chance to make his impact as a face and it hasn't been anything special. He might as well get a chance as a monstrous heel. 

3. He's Believable

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    Ryback is going to be a much better heel because he's believable. The WWE is always flipping characters from face to heel to try to give their persona a new chance with the crowd, as we seen most recently with Alberto Del Rio and Tensai. 

    A lot of the time, the flip is so-so. It's rare that a flip takes off like Alberto Del Rio's face turn and it's sometimes even rare to see a turn that makes sense. For example, Tensai. Tensai's whole persona is based on a no-nonsense, quiet giant who destroys his opponents. Now he's been flipped to a dancing face. 

    Ryback's new-alignment flip, much unlike Tensai's, makes all the sense in the world because it's believable. Ryback is a big, giant monster with an insane physique and an even more insane amount of strength in the ring.

    Just look at the picture above. Looking at it, with no knowledge of the character, wouldn't you think he's a heel? 

4. Who Else?

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    Possibly the biggest reason that Ryback will be better as a heel is really simple: The WWE doesn't have anyone else to take on Cena. 

    CM Punk has taken his leave, unceremoniously, from the company for a few weeks, which really leaves the WWE in need of a good heel to take on the WWE champion, John Cena. Randy Orton is dancing around with Sheamus and Big Show, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are tied up with the World Heavyweight Championship, Brock Lesnar is busy being part-time and no one else is really good enough, or in attendance enough, to put on a show with John Cena. 

    Ryback has the chops to go in the ring, which he's proved in a few decent matches with CM Punk and The Shield, and is a great match for John Cena physically.

    Both guys are freak athletes and make for a very interesting matchup in the ring. The only way to make this match happen is by turning one of them heel, and I think we all know that Cena won't be turning any time soon. 

5. It Makes Sense for His Character

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    Ryback is going to be a much better heel than face because it makes sense, which we all know isn't always the driving factor for a big move from the WWE creative team. There are a lot of things in the WWE that happen just because it's a big spot or it might elicit a big pop as opposed to something happening because the story calls for it. 

    For Ryback, however, a turn to the dark side could totally work in with his character's story. He came in as a dominant monster, throwing people around the ring with the greatest of ease. Then he started losing big matches. He won his first four pay-per-view matches as Ryback, but they were all part of his jobber-squashing streak. He has yet to pick up a win in a real pay-per-view match as Ryback. 

    So, storyline-wise, Ryback has dominated opponents in the ring and come to the aid of the good guys, including John Cena, against The Shield and CM Punk, yet he has nothing to show for it. For a persona like Ryback, who only knows how to destroy people, he would be frustrated, right? So frustrated that he's going to turn his back on the good guys and destroy the man who personifies the goody two-shoes crowd (and just happens to have the WWE Championship).

    It makes sense with his character. It's not just that Ryback is huge and strong, but this turn can give the WWE an excuse for all of Ryback's big-match losses over the last year.