Adrian's WWE: Land Of Extreme

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 23, 2009

Joey Styles welcomes everyone to ECW as Todd and Matt make their presence known.

Styles: What a new era in the WWE as we start off the show with some familiar faces in ECW.

Tazz is in the ring with RVD, Raven, Sandman, Sabu, Dreamer, and Mysterio.

Tazz: I want RVD, Raven, and Mysterio stand to my left and Sandman, Sabu, and Dreamer stand to my right.

Tazz looks at RVD, Raven, Mysterio.

Tazz: You there were the future of the ECW and you walked out Rey Mysterio you were first, Raven you were second, and RVD you left right before it all ended.

ECW was on the global map, but you left for WCW and WWE. The men to your right across from you never backed down and stayed with the business until the day it died.

RVD takes the mic out of Tazz's hand

RVD: You left just like us; you left for the WWE.

Tazz takes the mic back.

Tazz: I left on good terms with Paul but none of y'all gave a shit about Paul like we did and he gave you your shot and you turned your back on him.

I'm not going to wait to be provoked I will be an active GM so let's say Backlash you and me go at it and if you win you get a title shot on the following ECW in Philadelphia.

RVD accepts as he talks in the mic.

Tazz: it's going to be a match any other match that will tear flesh from your skin. RVD I'm going to show you Extreme in a Ladder Match as it will be no normal Ladder Match because it will be a Barbed Wire Ladder Match.

The ladders will have barbed wire the ring will be surrounded by it, and at the top will be a contract with your title shot in the balance.

RVD says bring anything at me.

Tazz: If I win then you're my "Problem Solver" until your contract goes out.

RVD agrees...........They stare down.....


Batista music hits................He comes out with a mic and has something on his mind.

Batista: It is time for the real beast to be unleashed and the animal will let loose in the Land of Extreme.......

Kozlov music hits.............

Kozlov gets in Batista face and they start to push back and forth until they start trading punches.........and then...........

Umaga music hits.........

Umaga starts to attack Batista as he helps Kozlov.......They both do a number on Batista...........and then..........

Kane's music hits..................

As it looks that Kane will help Umaga and Kozlov he starts to attack them as he helps Batista out as Umaga and Kozlov start to get out of the ring before anything really gets going.

Kane looks at Batista and then the lights go out............about half a minute passes lights come back on...........We see Kane with his outfit and mask on and turns and looks at Baitsta in a sick way...he gets out of the ring........lights go out again..........They come back on and Kane is now behind Batista and choke slams him....He does his pyro as they go to commercial...............


William Regal is in the ring with a mic.

Regal: I'm glad to be reunited with a former partner of mine......Paul Burchill who has Katie Lea Burchill with him.

Regal & Burchill w/ Katie Lea vs Cryme Tyme w/ R-Truth

The match starts off with strong team work with Regal and Burchill on JTG for about six minutes into the match, JTG starts to build a little something going but is stopped by Burchill as the match keeps going, JTG reverses a suplex by Regal and tags in Shad but the ref doesn't see the tag so Shad argues with the ref as Regal takes out his brass knuckles. He gets the pin 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Regal & Burchill w/ Katie Lea

After the match Regal & Burchill beat down Cryme Tyme and R-Truth until Finlay comes out and goes to check on Cryme Tyme and R-Truth.....then.......starts to attack Cryme Tyme and Truth as after a minute of that Regal, Burchill, Katie Lea, and Finlay have there hands held in the air.


Tazz comes out and announces the Lucky 7 ECW Championship match at Backlash as seven men will be in a title match were it will be a gauntlet match but the superstars will come out randomly and will get to bring one weapon out.

Crowd cheers............................

Tazz: The people in that match will be Raven, Sandman, Sabu, Mysterio, Batista, Kane, and Dreamer.

Crowd cheers..............

Backlash promo shows..............

Backstage as RVD walks past Sandman, Sabu, and Dreamer as Dreamer gets in the face of RVD.

Dreamer: We are all behind Tazz and there is no way they will stop what I do tonight in our match.

RVD: Bring it.


Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and Goldust vs Matt Hardy, the returning of Sabu, and Miz

The match was about half an hour long with everyone getting a spot in the ring and getting some type of advatage but in the end Jeff Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Miz to get the pin for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Jeff Hardy, Mysterio, and Goldust


Styles announces Hardcore Championship is coming back with it's 24/7 rule and the challengers will be picked next week and he also announces a one-on-one match as Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy will face off in a TLC match.

RVD vs Tommy Dreamer Extreme Rules Match

The match starts off with RVD getting all offense as he looks to be unstoppable until Tazz comes out and gives Dreamer a pan and hits RVD over the head with it, RVD looks daised as Tazz throws him a bat and Dreamer starts to pound RVD, RVD looks like he is in big trouble as they go to commercial..........


Dreamer has the advantage as we come back as nothing can stop Dreamer from winning this match until RVD hits a leg drop from no where, RVD starts to build the offense as he gets move after move, RVD gets a chair, ladder, and table.

RVD puts Dreamer on the table and the chair near his mid-section as he hits the frog splash from the ladder for a 1, 2, kick out.......................RVD starts to get the chair and attack Dreamer as the match gets a little out of hand with both man split open as the match continues.............

RVD goes for another frog splash but Sandman and Sabu come out and attack him but Mysterio and Raven come out to help as RVD hits the frog splash 1, 2, 3.

Winner: RVD

After the match Dreamer, Sandman, Sabu attacks RVD, as the others start to attack thr others as Tazz tries to finidh off RVD, he puts him in the Tazzmission.

Raven and Mysterio get jumped as the match was coming to an end so it is 4-on-1.

A man comes out in a mask and starts to attack Sabu, Sandman, and Dreamer as they run for there lives.

The man takes off the mask but the show goes off before we see who it was.

Backlash matches: RVD and Tazz in a Barbed Wire Ladder Match and a Lucky 7 Match for the ECW Championship.


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