Breaking Down the Boston Celtics: Do They Have a Chance to Win it All?

Jon doeCorrespondent IApril 3, 2008

The Celtics are the hottest team in the world this year, and have created a sense of urgency focusing on winning a championship. The team was rebuilding for the last couple of years and decided to mortgage their future for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to make a run for the championship now.


Strong Side

Up and down the hardwood they are unmatched. They win with defense and are constantly tweaking and fine-tuning their ball club for the late show. They are able to play the game the right way by working together without individual objectives.

Understand that they possess the ability to get better even more dangerous come postseason time.


Weak Side

The Celtics need to recognize that Ray Allen is their best closer and make sure the ball is in his hands in the clutch. Allen has the purest touch in the NBA and can knock down both contested and open shots.

Sam Cassell is exceptional and also has the green light when everything is on the line.

They are going to need a few more possessions in the playoffs to win the championship, and rebounding is pivotal. They are No. 16 in that category; that should change in the playoffs.

Critics have attacked Rajon Rondo for his inexperience saying it will hurt the Celtics, but he has been terrific thus far.

KG is a jump shooter—criticize his inability to play in the paint, and he has been a treat.

Overall the team is thriving and they have a legitimate chance of winning the championship.