Predicting the WWE Stars Who Will Be in the IC Title Battle Royale on Main Event

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 16, 2013

Predicting the WWE Stars Who Will Be in the IC Title Battle Royale on Main Event

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    The next challenger for Wade Barrett's Intercontinental title will have to win a 10-man battle royale on Wednesday's WWE Main Event.

    While it won't be as fun as the advertised-then-cancelled Intercontinental Cup, the battle royale should be an entertaining addition to the show. It will provide Barrett with a clear rival heading into Extreme Rules.

    It also provides the competitors another stage on which to shine. For WWE's more underused talent, it will be a welcome opportunity, even if they are tossed over the top rope early on.

    The following are the midcarders in line for a title shot because of their position, recent wins or lack of anything else to do at the moment.


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    R-Truth earned his spot in the battle royal with a non-title victory over Wade Barrett on the tax-day edition of WWE Raw.

    After driving Barrett's head into the mat and getting the win, R-Truth looked shocked that he got the upset. Expect R-Truth to ride that momentum into a strong showing at the battle royale.

    Following a few failed attempts at then-U.S. champ Antonio Cesaro's title late last year, could Truth find his way in an Intercontinental Championship bout? His chances are quite good. The win on Monday's WWE Raw and face status increase his odds. 


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    WWE is big on Fandango, even if the fans have mixed feelings about him.

    The company had the ballroom dancer defeat Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29 and dedicates a significant chunk of TV time to his entrances. Having him last until near the end of the battle royale could be a way to keep him in the public eye.

    Alternatively, Fandango is scheduled to compete, but refuses to do so after someone mispronounces his name.

    If Steve Austin's Twitter prediction holds true, Fandango will eventually be wearing the IC belt around his shimmying hips, but it seems early to have him do so right now.

The Great Khali

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    Giants and battle royales go together like soy sauce and sushi.

    Big Show and Kane are busy doing bigger things, leaving the door open for The Great Khali to serve as the official big man for this battle royale. It's going to take a coordinated effort to toss him out, but there will be no shortage of short-term allies willing to do that come Wednesday.

    Despite how little fans care for Khali, he's consistently used as filler. He provides another body and another good guy to balance things out here.

The Miz

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    It was Wade Barrett who ended Miz's single-day reign as IC champ on the WWE Raw following WrestleMania 29.

    He should be steaming following the loss and will have plenty of motivation to win the battle royal. His recent wins over Barrett should earn him a spot.

    He will be one of the bigger names among the plausible entrants. The battle royale should be a means to highlight the lower-card guys, but it needs a touch of star power as well. WWE should look to Miz to provide this for the match. 

Big E Langston

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    Dolph Ziggler winning the World Heavyweight Championship ends the brief Team Hell No and Ziggler and Big E Langston rivalry. That frees up Langston to pursue a singles title.

    He provides the match with power and intensity, as well as an excuse to have AJ Lee and her short shorts at ringside.

    Langston is the exact kind of star who needs this match, an up-and-comer looking for a stage to perform on. He should toss a few guys around and look impressive in the process.

Damien Sandow

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    WWE will likely have to raid its tag team division to fill out the battle royale. Having both Rhodes Scholars in the mix seems unlikely, so perhaps it will end up being the member who has yet to win a championship with the company.

    Cody Rhodes held the IC title for 236 days in 2011. Maybe it's his best friend Damien Sandow's turn to pursue the gold.

    Sandow vs. Wade Barrett is an unlikely heel vs. heel feud, so it's not a good bet that Sandow will win the battle royale, but expect him to drop a Cubito Aequet or two.


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    The injured star may be returning at any moment.

    As reported, Christian "is now advertised for WWE's annual post-WrestleMania tour of the U.K. in April." That could mean that Captain Charisma returns with his eyes set on Wade Barrett's title, a championship he has held four times.

    WWE may save the excitement of his return for one of its bigger shows, but how better to have WWE Main Event earn its own hype? Expect Christian to be thrown into a feud as soon as he comes back, with Barrett or otherwise.

Santino Marella

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    The two-time Intercontinental champ always serves as an upset waiting to happen.

    Adding Santino Marella to the mix gives the match some opportunities for laughs and provides a competitor who can make his foes look strong. Fandango or Big E Langston can get an early elimination under their belt by tossing Santino out.

    Can Santino and his cobra make an impact or will he just be the night's official jobber?

Titus O'Neil

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    It seems The Prime Time Players' role in recent months is that of filler.

    When Team Hell No needs someone to pound on or when Tons of Funk need an opponent, WWE calls on Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. Here may be another situation where O'Neil is plugged in and asked to lose.

    As the larger member of his team, it makes sense for O'Neil to enter the fray over Darren Young. 

Antonio Cesaro

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    Antonio Cesaro's loss of the United States title, thanks to Kofi Kingston, may be an effort to free him up for bigger and better things in the near future. It also makes him a more logical competitor in the battle royale now that he is sans championship.

    Cesaro's addition to the match means a guarantee of quality wrestling among all the usual battle-royale chaos.

    He can ground the action as well as be one of the many villains who help the good guys get pops from the crowd. Before that, having him uppercut someone in mid-air before they tumble over the ropes could be a highlight of the match.