Five Reasons Why UCLA Won’t Win the NCAA Title

Matt NorlanderAnalyst IApril 3, 2008

I got an e-mail that explained why my UNC breakdown was wrong and inaccurate. Uh… I remind you that some of this is tongue-in-cheek. Still, I love the fact that many of you read, just don’t be afraid to comment, you know.

1) The ball can’t bounce their way every single time.

2) Jordan Farmar is playing in the NBA.

3) Between their sloppy play, inept-at-times offense and escape acts against inferior teams like Texas A&M, Western Kentucky and Xavier, UCLA is flirting with defeat more than Bruce Pearl flirts with coeds.

4) After one of his emphatic, one-hand slams, Russell Westbrook’s primal screaming will cause him to pass out.

5) Body-to-body, they are outmatched at almost every position against Memphis, Kansas and Carolina. (Love will prove why he needs another year this weekend.)

One reason why they will: Florida’s not in The Tournament Third time’s the charm for Ben Howland.