Breaking It Down: Matt Hardy's Push

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Breaking It Down: Matt Hardy's Push
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As you may know, in all the bouts between the Hardys, Matt Hardy has won all of them and has been given a much-needed push.

This storyline came about of  Matt's envy of Jeff's dynamic success (kayfabe?).  While it all started at the Royal Rumble but I was thinking of something lost in the storyline — was Jeff's WWE title reign too short?

It was only 2 months but I also think that Matt hasn't really gotten a well-done push in a while.

At Wrestlemania 25, Matt won in a BIG way and won in a stretcher match on the following Smackdown.

Will Matt win again at Backlash? I don't think he won because of Jeff's crazy stunts gone awry.

Is the WWE motioning for Matt Hardy to take center stage? Do they think Jeff is over-exposed? These are the questions we must fathom my friends...

Also, one must wonder, after this rivalry, Will they make up & reform the Hardy Boyz?

My head is spinning with questions regarding this issue. I hope that you, the reader, can shed some insight on this issue. If you read my last article on the Hardy's, you knew that it blew. I think this one is way better!

Comments are always welcome, and feedback is always appreciated.


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