Ryback vs. John Cena: Why the WWE Needs to Let This One Gain More Momentum

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 16, 2013


I am pretty sure John Cena does not want his latest title reign to last a total of six weeks. With St. Louis and Extreme Rules on the horizon and the WWE trying its best to sort out whatever confusion it may have left us in following Raw on Monday night, we all saw the turn some of us have talked about.

But no one fed John Cena to Ryback Monday night. The Shield may have come in and disrupted the confrontation, but all it did was feed the idea that Ryback may have some help in trying to obtain the WWE title at the next pay-per-view event.

If there is one thing I took from Monday night's program, it is Ryback is not strong enough to stand on his own in this company—yet. I liked the promo he cut, blaming Cena for his woes with The Shield and not winning the WWE title. I liked the comparisons to Superman and kryptonite. I even liked the short confrontation where Cena called out his "enemy" to the ring and was summarily beaten by The Shield.

All great ways to begin a feud and show there are more layers to this eventual match at Extreme Rules than just a challenge and a contract signing. 

But let's all make a few things clear. Ryback is not winning the WWE title at Extreme Rules unless he has help from the three men who have made his life hell since last year. And above everything else, I cannot see a short title reign for Cena. It would just defeat everything the WWE built up as his reasons for redemption and beating The Rock.

I cannot think of a another scenario like this where the neophyte turns his back on the conquering hero because of greed or jealousy. Yes, there have been other angles where pupil turns on teacher or partners turn on each other.

That is just how wrestling goes.

In the process, however, the neophyte tends to stay and fight more, inflict more damage. Wouldn't it have been easier if Ryback came to the ring and beat on Cena with The Shield? What a conflicting storyline that would have been for the WWE Universe.

If John Cena's time is "now" as he has proclaimed for some time in his preparation for The Rock, then when is Ryback's time? When do we see the 290-pounder take the next step? Does he go down in WWE annals as "one of the greats to never win the title"?

I say ask Curt Hennig and Rick Rude how that is, but we can't. 

The angle between Cena and Ryback is a good one for the stretch of the summer, but the WWE at some point will have to put the strap on Ryback. Cena will have to relinquish control. It could happen at SummerSlam. But for now, the title is safe in the hands of Super Cena.

And the kryptonite Ryback is talking about is nothing more than a few pebbles he's not connecting with unless he has a little help from three wrestlers who pack more of a punch than he does.