7 NFL Coaches Who Would Be Great Recruiters at the College Level

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 16, 2013

7 NFL Coaches Who Would Be Great Recruiters at the College Level

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    One of the most coveted jobs in the world, especially to American sports enthusiasts, is being an NFL head coach. Only 32 men can call themselves that right now, and the job is extremely demanding, pressure-packed and scrutinized.

    The NFL doesn't recruit, as it drafts. The only time a coach really needs to do anything to impress a potential player is when the organization hosts a coveted free agent in the offseason. Other than that, NFL head coaches do not have to worry about attracting talent because they draft it every year.

    For some coaches, that set-up works very well because they wouldn't be great recruiters. Many NFL head coaches do not want to call players and chat with them, have to impress them on big recruiting weekends and only be allowed to bring in a limited amount of good players.

    However, there are some head coaches whom I feel actually would be great at recruiting. They have the personality and other skills that would translate to recruiting success. Here are seven NFL head coaches who would be great college football recruiters.

    NOTE: Obvious choices like Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh and Chip Kelly have been omitted.

Marvin Lewis

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    Lewis would be an excellent fit at the college level, especially on the recruiting trail. I think he has some Mack Brown in him, as he seems to be approachable, welcoming and honest.

    He strikes me as the kind of coach that would make a killing during the home visit period because he would really be able to win over a lot of parents then. Lewis has made the Bengals into a respectful team so we know he can coach.

    His honest, tough and approachable demeanor would be able attract some good talent as a recruiter.

Chuck Pagano

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    Everything I read and hear about Pagano is always along the lines of how much his players love him. At every stop he's landed and now as the head coach of the Colts, Pagano has won over his players.

    What's the college game about? Players!

    And how do you get those players? Recruiting!

    Pagano knows how to get players to play hard, and he's honest, understanding and works hard. I can see him being a hit as a recruiter, as well as his players talking him up to visiting recruits.

Gus Bradley

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    Bradley spent some of his younger years as a grinding college assistant, so he has the work ethic to be a good recruiter. The former Seahawks defensive chief is now in charge of making the Jaguars relevant again.

    Bradley has an infectious energy about him and loves tough football players. I could very well see him fitting in and being a great recruiter at a school on the East Coast or in the Midwest.

Jim Schwartz

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    Schwartz has always struck me as a guy who quietly knows he's very smart. To some people that can be a turnoff, but I have serious doubts that would hinder any of his recruiting efforts.

    Schwartz would be an excellent evaluator of prospects due to his background in scouting, and his intelligence would definitely serve him well in striking relationships with people because he is witty.

    The Lions coach would instoll a ton of confidence in a program, and all of that would lead to him signing some very talented classes each February.

    Plus we know he'd go after any coach who disses him during the postgame handshake.

Rex Ryan

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    Once you saw the title of this list, you should have expected Ryan to be on here. Love him or hate him, you can't help but think he'd have some recruiting success.

    Ryan does an excellent job of bringing attention to his team and organization, and that is exactly what a coach has to do constantly in recruiting.

    Ryan's loose, friendly, brash and talkative personality would easily be a terrific fit on the recruiting trail.

Sean Payton

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    Payton is a very bright football coach and also knows how to win over his players. He'd be a great college coach due to him being able to sit a recruit down and being open, honest, welcoming and charming.

    Of course, QB recruits would be lining up in droves to play for Payton, but he also has a quiet confidence in him that people notice and are drawn to. Payton is a leader and a coach I feel very strongly about as a potential elite recruiter.

Mike Tomlin

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    Tomlin is a natural coach and a natural leader of men. He is extremely honest and just is a guy that everyone respects.

    I can see him being a very personable recruiter who really closes and seals deals during recruiting and in-house visits. Tomlin would be up front with a recruit and his parents, be big on academics and really sell the fact that he will make sure a player leaves his program a better man than he was coming in.

    Think David Shaw, but with a little more visibly fiery demeanor and spoken confidence when picturing Tomlin as a recruiter.

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.