Trevardo Williams: Video Highlights for Former Connecticut OLB

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIApril 26, 2013

Trevardo Williams: Video Highlights for Former Connecticut OLB

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    Former Connecticut linebacker Trevardo Williams is a native of Jamaica, and that is evident from the speed he displays every time he steps on the football field. Williams plays the game at a frenzied pace and showcases his talents in every one of his highlights.

    He was a first-team All-Big East selection in 2012 and has really begun to develop into a quality linebacker. He recorded 42 tackles and 11.5 sacks in that campaign.

    Williams is slightly undersized at 6'1", 241 pounds, but the way in which he is able to get to the quarterback somewhat negates that deficiency.

    Let's take a look at some of his best video highlights.

QB Pressure Against NC State

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    Williams is absolutely ferocious off the edge, especially in passing situations.

    Here we see an offensive tackle become a pylon as Williams quickly bursts pass him en route to the quarterback. He is unafraid to utilize his straight-line speed and pressure the passer even when he cannot make a sack.

    Williams uses good form in his wrap-up and attempted strip as the QB throws downfield.

Chases Down Mike Glennon

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    NC State QB Mike Glennon is not known for his speed. In fact, he is one of the slower QBs in this draft class. However, the closing speed displayed by Williams on this play is still extremely impressive.

    He goes right past the left tackle and makes his way across the field as Glennon attempts to scramble upfield. Williams tracks him down and attempts to strip the QB as he brings him to the turf. The strip attempt is unsuccessful, but the athleticism and effort is clear.

Devastating Sack Against NC State

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    Williams really had a field day with the Wolfpack's offensive line.

    There are aspects of Williams' game that stand out like sore thumbs. His immense skill at pass rushing is one such trait. Williams is not a player who is going to be brought in because of his coverage prowess.

    He has a clear skill set, and his highlights consistently showcase those skills. Williams always gets off the ball quickly and knows how to make offensive linemen miss in his pursuit of the QB.

    On this play, we see him come unblocked off the edge and deliver a punishing blow to Glennon yet again.

    His power forces the ball to come loose, and he finally causes the fumble that he had been close to creating throughout the game.

Showcases His Strength Against Louisville

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    Williams is not simply a player who utilizes his speed to get around offensive linemen. He does do that, but there is far more to his game.

    Here we see Williams take on both a tackle and a guard and win. He pushes his weight between the blockers and is able to stagger them backward before breaking their grasp and finding a free lane to QB Teddy Bridgewater.

    The mobile QB did a little dancing in the pocket and for a moment appeared to have a forward lane to follow, but Williams made a safe tackle and kept Bridgewater in the pocket for a sack.

    His strength is an underrated part of his game, but this play shows that he can overpower players when needed.

Back-to-Back Sacks

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    On the very next play, Williams was at it again. Not content with just one sack of Bridgewater, Williams had himself a second helping on third down.

    This time he opted for the speed route over the power one. He unleashes an impressive spin move to get around the would-be blocker and again get to Bridgewater before he can really start moving forward.

    His 4.4-second 40-yard dash speed is on full display as he gets to the QB in no time. The fact that he is able to execute at such a high level on successive plays is also commendable.

Great Awareness Against Louisville

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    Awareness is an overlooked aspect of a defensive player's repertoire.

    You can have all the physical tools in the world, but the best players are the ones who combine that physical ability with a firm grasp of the mental aspect of the game. Williams clearly gets it.

    Here we see him patiently wait for this goal-line play to develop. He does not bite on the play-action handoff, but instead waits for the QB to roll out to his right and bring the action to him.

    Once Williams sees that the QB is looking to turn upfield, he quickly closes in and wraps him up for the tackle before anything can happen.

Pro Day Effort

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    It is often hard to gauge what you are getting simply by watching a player run through drills. After all, you learn a lot more from watching game tape than you do from seeing guys run around in shorts and t-shirts.

    However, it is good to see what these players look like in confined environments where the pressure to look their best is clearly big. Here we see Williams going through a transition drill where he is forced to react quickly to the moves of the coach in front of him.

    Williams is able to showcase his ability to move laterally and shift his feet as needed. His reaction time is good, and his footwork is sound. The only negative aspect of this clip is the poor throw from his coach.