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Debate: Who Will Step Up the Most in the Playoffs Without Kobe?

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Debate: Who Will Step Up the Most in the Playoffs Without Kobe?
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The Lakers are closing in on a playoff berth but when they get there, they're going to be missing their best player and leader, Kobe Bryant. Which Laker will step up the most in the Black Mamba's absence?


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Pau will. Dwight needs to prove us that he is a good future for L.A. But pau is a friend of kobes and cares for him and understands how much this mean...
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I think pau will ultimately have to be the one to step up the most. Dwight will see an increase in his scoring naturally with kobe out but Pau will ac...
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Pau Gasol for a few reasons. One, he's their most versatile offensive weapon after Kobe, they should run the offense through him. Secondly, if he does...
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