Diamondbacks Weakness Shows: Lyon Pitiful in 9th

Jeff OhlsonContributor IApril 3, 2008

What was a solid debut for Arizona's newly aquired co-ace Dan Haren, who yielded 3 runs in 6 innings of work, ended in tragedy as the Diamondbacks saw what will haunt them all year.

A blaring weakness in the closer role.

Brandon Lyon failed to get an out in the ninth inning as he gave up two consectutive hits followed by a three-run walk-off home run by Edwin Encarnacion. 

When Arizona traded NL save leader Jose Valverde in the offseason to get some prospects, they traded away their chance at a championship.  The Diamondbacks do not have a "wow" offense, and, after Haren and Webb, their starting staff is overall pretty weak.

If they cannot close down a close game that Haren or Webb pitches in the playoffs, they lose the series. Arizona needs to find someone that is not Brandon Lyon to close games. If they do, they can win it all this year.