Sylvester Williams: Video Highlights for Former North Carolina DT

Dan Wilkins@@DanWilkinsNFLCorrespondent IIApril 25, 2013

Sylvester Williams: Video Highlights for Former North Carolina DT

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    Sylvester Williams is one of the top defensive tackle prospects in the 2013 NFL draft. 

    Based on his career production at North Carolina, very few would assume that he has little football experience outside of which. 

    Because of that relative inexperience, we can only expect Williams to continue to improve his game under the coaching he will receive at the next level. 

    At 6’3”, 313 pounds, he certainly has the size to be an NFL defensive tackle. The following video highlights show just how much natural talent Sylvester Williams already possesses to go with it. 

Swim Move

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    To be a productive pass-rusher, one must have some go-to moves that he can use to beat the opposing offensive lineman as fast as possible. For Williams, that is his swim move. 

    On this particular play against Virginia, he beats the solo block of the right guard instantly, and the quarterback has no chance to make a play before being brought down for the sack. 

    Going back to Williams’ inexperience, it is extremely impressive that he possesses such a dominant go-to pass rush-move despite which. 

    Coaching at the next level should only help him to improve his pass-rushing ability, giving him quite a high ceiling on what is already a significantly established swim move.

Spin Move

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    Also a big part of Williams’ pass-rush repertoire is his spin move. 

    Of course, in-game examples are the most prevalent, but this clip here from the North Team’s Senior Bowl practice drills gives an up-close look at just how quick he is with this particular move. 

    This spin move, in tandem with his previously mentioned swim move, gives him just one more option rushing the passer. This keeps the opponent guessing, knowing there are multiple ways that Williams can beat them, and evidently quite quickly at that.

Bull Rush

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    The finesse moves that Williams has shown are not all that he brings to the interior pass-rush game. 

    On this play against Virginia Tech, lined up directly over the center, Williams drives him eight yards into the backfield and right into the face of the quarterback. 

    Much is made of how quick he is for a tackle of his size, but we must not forget the power and strength that he brings as well. 

    Having this ability, in addition to the other pass-rush moves already discussed, could make Williams an elite interior pass-rusher at the next level.

Anchor Against the Run

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    Of course, teams would like any top defensive tackle prospect to be a productive player in the running game as well. Although consistency in which will be the key moving forward, Williams has flashed the ability to be an anchor against the run. 

    On this particular play, he helps to blow up the backside of the run by simply not allowing himself to be moved. 

    It is this ability, in combination with some of his other natural skills, which makes Williams fairly scheme versatile. This versatility will only enhance his draft stock, as there would be a positional fit for him on any kind of defense.

Quickness off the Ball

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    Key to any defensive lineman’s success against both the run and the pass is getting a good jump at the snap of the ball. 

    On this particular example from the North Team’s Senior Bowl practice, Williams, lined up at the right defensive tackle position, explodes into the backfield untouched. 

    Given the practice environment, he did not make the play and bring down the back, but he was undoubtedly in prime position to do so. 

    This quickness speaks strongly toward the elite athletic ability that Williams possesses. Again, this can only help his potential to take to the coaching he will receive at the next level.