Real Madrid Summer Transfer Rumors: Calling Fact or Fiction

Tre' Atkinson@@TreAtkinsonFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2013

Real Madrid Summer Transfer Rumors: Calling Fact or Fiction

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    At a club like Real Madrid, countless names are linked with big-money moves, and everyone is on the lookout for the next Galactico.

    But some rumors definitely seem more likely than others.

    There have been some big names rumored to be coming to the Bernabeu, and even bigger names possibly leaving. In this article, we will call fact or fiction on the biggest rumors.

    Continue reading to see if your top Real Madrid target could actually make the move to the Spanish giants.

Benzema or Higuain Leaving Madrid: FACT

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    This rumor has been picking up heat for quite a while and makes a lot of sense. Football-Espana claims that one of the strikers will be sold to make room for a new forward, and the reports should be believed.

    Both attackers have been very inconsistent this season, and that is the main reason why the club is looking for a new striker.

    For a club like Real Madrid to have two forwards under-performing is very odd. One will be sold and the remaining player will likely be a backup next season.

    There really is no way of telling who will be the odd man out, but my money is on Karim Benzema.

    The French forward has not played well this season, to put it lightly. But he could still fetch a high price due to his age, and Real Madrid would be wise to cash in on him.

Radamel Falcao to Join Real Madrid: FICTION

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    Earlier this year, rumors broke that Falcao had met with Real Madrid officials to discuss a move, but the Colombian quickly denied it happening (via Sky Sports).

    Fans have been calling for the big-money move to go through, but do not count on it happening.

    Yes, Falcao would be the very best forward for Real Madrid to add to their lineup, but this rumor just holds no truth to it. Real Madrid does not conduct business with Atletico Madrid out of respect, and things will not change now.

    Falcao seems to fancy a move to another league, and I really do not think he would do something like this to his current fans.

    Falcao will not be in Madrid white next season.

Raphael Varane Leaving Madrid: FICTION

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    Raphael Varane has quickly become one of the best defenders in the world, despite being only 19 years old.

    Top clubs have noticed, and Football-Espana has reported that attempts will be made to pry the defender away from Real Madrid.

    However, with his young age and already incredible ability, there is absolutely no way that Real Madrid will let the French defender leave. Varane is happy in Madrid, and the club is clearly thrilled with his contribution.

    Varane will be in White for many years to come and could even retire with Real Madrid if things continue the way the club expects.

Edinson Cavani Joining Real Madrid: FACT

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    Everyone knows that Real Madrid is in the market for a new forward, and Edinson Cavani looks the most likely to join Los Blancos this summer.

    By saying fact, I do not claim that he will absolutely come to the Bernabeu next season. Rather I am claiming that he has the best shot of all of Madrid’s attacking targets to actually be purchased.

    Marca has made it clear that both sides would love for the move to happen.

    Cavani would pair up with Cristiano Ronaldo wonderfully, and his size and pace would add just what Real Madrid needs to their already deadly attack.

    Simply put, Cavani is the most likely striker to come to Real Madrid this summer. The club would be wise to make him the top priority once the current season ends, and actually purchasing the forward would not be as difficult as with other targets.

Xabi Alonso Leaving Real Madrid: FICTION

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    Real Madrid fans were shocked earlier this season when midfielder Xabi Alonso rejected a contract extension. But fear not Madridistas: The 31-year-old will not be leaving Madrid just yet.

    Alonso has been an invaluable player since joining Real Madrid, and the club understands his importance. In fact, Alonso has a good relationship with his current club.

    When Alonso finally chooses to leave the club, it will be because his career is coming to a close.

    The midfielder still has a lot to offer, and Real Madrid will be careful to keep him around until a replacement is found. To this point, however, there exists no player capable of taking over for the 31-year-old.

    Alonso could actually sign a new contract eventually. The club is set to offer him a pay raise with a two-year extension and it would be exactly what he is looking.

    The Spanish international has not said that he wants to leave the club; it appears as though he is just contemplating his career. But he will definitely remain with Real Madrid for at least one more season.

Sergio Aguero Joining Real Madrid: FICTION

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    One move that many Madridstas are hoping for is the purchase of Sergio Aguero. Though some reports are giving life to the possible move, there just does not seem to be much truth to it.

    Some reports are claiming that Real Madrid is preparing an offer for the Argentine, but the club has been very quiet over their interest in the striker.

    At his price, the club may be better off spending the money more wisely.

    Aguero is not outside of the realm of possibility, but with little being said at this point, it just does not seem like fans will see the striker in White next season.

    With targets like Cavani on their radar, Real Madrid will have to make a very tough decision.

Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas to Be Sold: FICTION

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    If there is one rumor out there that is just plain ridiculous, it would be this.

    I am not sure if anyone really believes the rumor that Mourinho will only stay if the duo is sold, but even if it is true, the club would certainly not meet his ultimatum.

    Casillas and Ramos have been staple members of Real Madrid for countess years now, and fans would be distraught if they were sold.

    If fans did not like Mourinho before, they will certainly hate him if he really did ask for the duo to be moved.

    But at the end of the summer, though inquiries have been made, the club will still not even be considering moving either player.

Gareth Bale to Join Real Madrid: FACT

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    Is there really a question about the club’s interest in Gareth Bale? It has seemed as if the club has been after the winger forever, and this summer should finally be the time that Bale makes the high-profile switch.

    Bale is able to feature as a defender, midfielder or striker and would complement the Madrid style of play perfectly.

    At this point, if any player is bought by Real Madrid, it will be Bale. Many would actually be surprised if he did not make his way to Madrid.

    All of the logistics will still have to be worked out, but expect Gareth Bale to be pairing up with Cristiano Ronaldo when next season gets underway.

Jose Mourinho to Leave Real Madrid: Who Knows?

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    Let’s be very honest with the situation of Jose Mourinho: I don’t think he even knows where he will be next season.

    There are a lot of reports claiming he will leave Madrid and return to Chelsea next year. But there are just as many rumors swirling around that he will continue to command Los Blancos (via Daily Mirror).

    His decision will only be made after the current season ends, and even then it could be a surprise choice.

    No one has ever quite been able to get a handle on the mind of Jose Mourinho, and this time is no different. He has so many options that he has to be considering many different variables.

    Whatever his decision, the world will be waiting when the summer begins. But right now, your guess is as good as mine.

Dani Carvajal Returning to Madrid: FACT

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    This transfer is one that every Madridista will be hoping for. Dani Carvajal was sold last summer, but Los Blancos have a buy-back option on the defender which would make the purchase quite easy.

    With Alvaro Arbeloa being very disappointing this season and the weakest link of the Madrid defense, a new right-back will definitely be brought in this summer.

    Carvajal graduated from Real Madrid Castilla and knows the system and players. He has even claimed that he hopes to return (via Goal).

    The Spaniard has made a name for himself in Germany and has even showed signs of being a world-class right back. Looking at the situation logically, there is no way that Madrid will pass on bringing Carvajal back.

    Madridistas, be ready to welcome back one of your own next season and congratulations on an unbelievable player.


    Who do you want to see in White next season? Who should the club sell? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


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