Hunico Deserves a Push Upon Return to WWE

Riley KontekFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2013

The WWE is a weird a place sometimes. Guys who receive all sorts of love from fans don't always get even decent pushes and some guys that receive no reaction find themselves near the top.

Last night, I watched a bunch of videos of my personal favorite, Hunico. Hunico, who runs with Camacho, may be one of the most talented workers in the entire WWE.

Hunico can do it all. He is a high flyer that can brawl, go to the top, utilize power moves and be a technical mat wrestler.

Not only that, but Hunico is a heel that is able to generate heat. His cocky Mexican gangster gimmick allows him to be showered with boos and dislike by fans at the show without the use of cheap heat.

All in all, Hunico is a fantastic performer in the WWE.

Currently, he is mending an injury that has kept him out for a while. He should be back soon, though, and upon return, he should get a solid push from the WWE.

He and Camacho could be great in the tag team hunt. Hunico would be the flashy mat worker, while Camacho would be the powerhouse that ragdolls and softens up opponents.

If they wished to make Camacho the Big E Langston to Hunico's Dolph Ziggler, he could make a run at a midcard title like the United States or Intercontinental Championship. That could be used to see if Hunico has a future as a possible world title contender.

Maybe the world title thing is a bit far at this point. That being said, the WWE wants a guy that can be marketable in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

This would be a great instance where the cruiserweight title would come in handy. His matches with guys like Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne would be phenomenal (his matches with Kidd are always good).

For now, he needs to get healthy and back in the ring. Hunico has a Rey Mysterio-like skill set, except that he is a heel with more power moves. The WWE should attempt to capitalize on his potential heat-drawing ability and great in-ring style.