WWE Hall of Famers See Championships Coming Quickly for Fandango

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IApril 14, 2013

(WWE.com photo)
(WWE.com photo)

Fandango has generated quite a buzz among the WWE Universe and is getting attention from all over the place—including from two WWE Hall of Famers.

And one of them is someone not known for praising anyone often.

In a tweet on Sunday, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin predicted a bright future for Fandango. He writes that by the end of 2013, the dancing wrestler will be wearing some WWE gold:

These positive comments might seem odd coming from someone like Austin, who, during his prime, probably would not have thought twice about hitting a stunner on a character like Fandango. However, Austin has been around the business long enough to recognize outstanding young talent.

So, Fandango should take Austin’s prediction as a high compliment.

The Intercontinental Championship, currently around the waist of Wade Barrett, is the top midcard title in WWE. Right now, Fandango could be considered among WWE’s upper card because he is feuding with top-shelf star Chris Jericho. But it is likely that as his career progresses, he will bounce between the upper and top-middle talent levels much like WWE has booked its other major stars, such as Rey Mysterio.

Austin’s prediction drew a response from fellow Hall of Famer Jim Ross. In his JRsBBQ blog, Ross says he expects gold to come Fandango’s way sooner:

It might not take that long but I could also see Fandango winning the US Title as well at some point. Stars become stars over the long haul and even though Fandango has had an amazing few weeks and change as it relates to recognition, etc, it’s how he does long term that writes his story.

In the blog, Ross says that if Fandango continues to grow as a WWE performer, he could see him playing a major role at WrestleMania XXX next April in New Orleans, “and that's generally considered the yard stick.”

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