WWE Extreme Rules 2013: What's Next for CM Punk After WrestleMania Loss?

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2013

Photo credit: Schen Photography, Flickr.com
Photo credit: Schen Photography, Flickr.com

CM Punk almost ended the streak, becoming Undertaker’s victim at WrestleMania 29.

It took two tombstone pile drivers to put away the former WWE Champion. Punk tried everything in his arsenal. He stole Taker’s “Old School” maneuver, walking the top rope and hitting Taker over the arm. He even struck Taker with the urn! All those maneuvers were for naught.

What’s next for CM Punk after losing at WrestleMania?

Frankly, Punk’s immediate future could be out of his hands.

Rumors swirled about Punk’s status. The latest from PWInsider.com (via WrestleZone) is Punk underwent an MRI and is awaiting the results for his injured knee.

In recent memory, Punk suffered a left knee injury, which caused him to miss last year’s TLC pay-per-view event. Punk still appeared to cut a promo.

Punk worked a vigorous schedule since his return for 2011’s SummerSlam. He’s appeared at house shows, went to awards shows, interviews and even Comic-Con events as well as adding a daily schedule of TV appearances.

Don’t expect Punk to complain about that. His hectic schedule is only dwarfed by his passion for the business. He doesn’t mind, at least mentally. But it’s clear the physicality of the WWE’s schedule is finally taking its toll on him.

It’ll only get worse for the "Second City Savior." Even if he wanted off, he might not get it.

The rumor of Extreme Rules from The Wrestling Observer via Wrestling News Source claims that The Rock and Brock Lesnar were scheduled to appear at the event. The Rock’s abdominal injury probably put a stop to those plans.

It did end The Rock/Lesnar feud to begin preparing for a possible WrestleMania 30 bout. The Observer's Newsletter (via WrestleZone) also stated Lesnar and The Rock would have begun their feud on this past episode of Raw. As The Rock went back to Los Angeles, the WWE made the decision to keep Lesnar off TV.

Those plans could be held for a later date, at least until The Rock returns. But where does that leave CM Punk? Who does he feud with? Does he join the already crowded WWE title picture with John Cena, Ryback and Mark Henry? It’s possibility, but not likely.

Punk earned his rest; it just might not come yet. No appearance by The Rock could mean a Punk appearance come May 19th. Regardless, if CM Punk appears at Extreme Rules, don’t expect any mercy from Punk toward his opponent.