Mychal Rivera: Video Highlights for Former Tennessee TE

Marc FreshmanContributor IApril 27, 2013

Mychal Rivera: Video Highlights for Former Tennessee TE

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    Mychal Rivera is a powerful and graceful athlete. He's a tough blocker with terrific pass-catching abilities. He runs crisp routes off quick bursts. Versatility stems from his strong frame and delicate footwork. Great hands, as well. He can roll out for the deep ball just as easily as he can catch and run across the middle.

    In 2012, he posted 36 receptions, 562 yards and five touchdowns for the Tennessee Volunteers. It was his best season yet. 

    Here are six video highlights which spotlight the best of Rivera.

Soft Hands Make Big Plays

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    This compilation draws attention to Rivera's soft hands.

    Rivera's pass-catching abilities are stellar. The ball gently touches down into his hands as if it's falling into a pillow.

    His ability to protect the ball after the catch is what makes him even more special.

    Also illustrated in this clip are examples of his expert route running.

Toughness in the Spotlight

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    This video highlights Rivera's physical style of play.

    Though occasionally critiqued for being undersized at his position (6'3", 242 pounds), Rivera makes the most of his frame with explosiveness, toughness and extension. His footwork is excellent, which you can see in these clips.

Heart, Soul and Passion

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    This video illustrates Rivera's passion for the game.

    He's the type of player that NFL teams chase because he's a difference-maker, inside and out. He brings all sorts of intangibles.

    You want this kid on your team.

Slashing and Gashing the Field

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    This video displays Rivera's ability to turn in stride and aggressively gash the field with his speed.

    He's a versatile offensive weapon who can line up in different spots. His limber frame enables him to catch accurate and inaccurate balls alike.

    Rivera's skill as a blocker makes him a well-rounded package.

Athleticism in the Spotlight

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    This clip illustrates Mychal Rivera's physical grace.

    He's a smooth player with natural toughness. He possesses stellar leaping and diving abilities, along with some nice extension, superb body control and great ball security.

    Hard qualities to find.

A Multi-Dimensional Playmaker

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    This is a full highlights package, starting with a sensational reception which displays Rivera's ability to adjust to the ball, meet the rock at its highest point, haul it in with reliable hands and pick up yards after the catch. His ability to fluidly turn on a dime is exceptional.

    Rivera's a legitimate pass-catching threat who will excel on the professional stage.