Shawn Williams: Video Highlights for Former Georgia SS

Jeffery Roy@Jeff_n_WestburyContributor IIIApril 26, 2013

Shawn Williams: Video Highlights for Former Georgia SS

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    The top safety tandem in the SEC for the last two seasons was Bacarri Rambo and Shawn Williams of the Georgia Bulldogs. Rambo may have received most of the press, because as the free safety he had more freedom to roam around the secondary making plays. 

    Williams had to balance run responsibilities in addition to pass coverage, and he still collected a combined 170 tackles in 2011-12. Over his career, he demonstrated a variety of ways to affect the outcome of the game. 

    After putting up some outstanding numbers at the combine, he outshone his more colorfully named teammate at Georgia’s Pro Day. According to the venerable draftnik Mel Kiper, they could end up switching places in the selection process:

    Mel Kiper projecting Georgia DBs in the draft: Shawn Williams 2nd/3rd round; Bacarri Rambo 3rd/4th round; Sanders Commings 4th/5th round.

    — Seth Emerson (@SethEmerson) April 10, 2013

    Check out these highlights that show why this strong safety is one of the top players at his position. 

Interception vs. Georgia Tech 2011

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    Georgia Tech QB Tevin Washington starts one of their rare pass plays by looking off the slot receiver. Tech is deep in its own territory and does not have time for a deep pass pattern to develop. 

    The quarterback shifts his attention back to the slot man. Williams is playing just far enough off to get a jump on the ball and pick it off. 

    Georgia ended up scoring their final points six plays later for a 31-17 victory over their in-state rival. 

Tackle for Loss vs. Kentucky 2012

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    The screen pass by Kentucky is all set to turn into a 3rd-and-short situation once the left tackle sets up an alley for the running back. 

    The Georgia SS is on the right side of the defense because the offense is set up strong-side left. The LT has drawn a bead on Williams, but Shawn is too quick on the play and records a TFL for three yards. 

    It is obvious this play was all over from the moment the Kentucky tight end took an inside route instead of blocking the man assigned to him. Williams kept focused on the RB, and the result was negative yardage.

Blocked Punt vs. Nebraska, 2013 Capital One Bowl

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    Whatever round Williams is drafted in, he probably will not go straight into the starting lineup. His role will rotate between playing in dime packages and special teams.

    The same quickness he showed in the TFL against Kentucky was on display in the 2013 Capital One Bowl. By shooting the gap between the right wing and the inside blockers, he overwhelmed the protector and blocked the punt. 

    This kind of ability means Williams must be accounted for on every play. Special teams coaches love players who are not only willing to do the dirty work, but are good at it

4th-and-1 Stop vs. Florida 2012

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    Georgia may have lost the last two SEC Championship Games to LSU and Alabama, but the Bulldogs' most despised opponent has and always will be the University of Florida. The Bulldogs eked out a 24-20 win in 2011, reversing a three-game skid to the Gators. 

    An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Georgia’s first TD of the game resulted in a kickoff from the 20 and helped set up Florida near midfield. The Gators relied on their ground game in 2012 and were trying to establish their control of the line of scrimmage when they faced a 4th-and-1 on the Georgia 36. 

    Florida head coach Will Muschamp tried to get cute with an end-around to Solomon Patton. Williams isn’t fooled at any point in the play, sheds the block by the tight end and brings down Patton short of the first down. 

    This play set the tone for a sloppy 17-9 slugfest that led to six turnovers by Florida and a second straight win in the series for the Bulldogs.

Quarterback Hit vs. Nebraska, 2013 Capital One Bowl

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    Georgia has a 45-31 lead over Nebraska with 1:19 to go in the game. Huskers QB Taylor Martinez thinks WR Kenny Bell can get open against two-deep coverage by CB Branden Smith and FS Bacarri Rambo.  

    With the ball 3rd–and-9 at the Georgia 44, Martinez drops back and is ready to chuck the ball. He fails to see Shawn Williams coming free from his blindside. Martinez is driven into the turf, and the pass falls incomplete.  

    The effect of this massive hit lasts into the next play, as LB Alec Ogletree shoots the “A” gap on the left side and buries Martinez and the Huskers' hopes for the final time. 

Senior Bowl 2013 Workouts

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    This might not be best described as not just a highlight, but also an exposé. 

    Williams looks pretty good in his first effort against TE Mychal Rivera from Tennessee. He sticks with the intended target long enough for Landry Jones to overthrow him. 

    But when forced to play press coverage in the red zone, his lack of experience shows. Georgia’s defensive scheme allowed him enough cushion in zone coverage where some additional reaction time was built in. 

    The former strong safety has a tougher go of it when the field shrinks near the goal line. In his four plays inside the 10-yard line in this clip, he goes about 50/50 against Rivera and WR Terrance Williams. Shawn allows two receptions and has two passes defended.