Premier League's Best XI on Twitter and Why You Must Follow Them

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2013

Premier League's Best XI on Twitter and Why You Must Follow Them

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    Premier League footballers love Twitter.

    They love to discuss a plethora of topics including hair styles, food, politics and sometimes football. Fans are offered a window into the professional style like never before and have the opportunity to see exactly what makes each individual tick.

    A host of players must be followed. This might be due to their unbelievable stupidity, humour or acts of goodwill. Does your favourite tweeter make the cut?

    Read on to find out.

Emmanuel Frimpong: Arsenal

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    Emmanuel Frimpong has quite a presence on Twitter. The young midfielder is currently on loan at Fulham, but that doesn't stop him talking all things Arsenal with Gunners fans.

    The 21-year-old helped popularise terms such as "DENCH!" with English rapper Lethal Bizzle. He also utilises social media to inform people when they have been "Frimponged." For the uninitiated, Urban Dictionary has the definition of this term:

    to Wreak destruction on an opposing player or to thoroughly dominate or 'own' someone in non compromising fashion.


    Recent Corker

    I don't trust no one

    — Emmanuel Frimpong (@IAMFRIMPONG26) March 31, 2013

    Frimpong proves he trusts everyone with a delightful double negative.

Wayne Rooney: Manchester United

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    Although he doesn't tweet too often, Wayne Rooney uses the platform to quash any unsavoury newspaper articles or rumours.

    The Englishman has rubbished suggestion he is to leave Manchester United, revealed a £30,000 hair transplant and often discusses his favourite interests away from football.


    Recent Corker

    Is the masters on tv now cant find it

    — Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney) April 12, 2013

    Despite appearing on Sky Sports nearly every day of his adult life, Rooney doesn't know where to watch the golf.

Jack Wilshere: Arsenal

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    Jack Wilshere's use of Twitter is perhaps the most natural on this list. Like any other 20-year-old, the midfielder's feed is a stream of consciousness that highlights all of his reactions, emotions and feelings.

    Arsenal's starlet speaks out on football matters, keenly mocks Tottenham and stays English by commenting on the weather.


    Recent Corker

    receiving a lot of love for my new haircut...…

    — Jack Wilshere (@JackWilshere) April 12, 2013

    Wilshere kids himself in front of the entire world.

Phil Neville: Everton

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    The fact Phil Neville calls himself "Fizzer" on Twitter is worthy of a follow. Everton's 36-year-old captain is a keen user of social media and is likely to showcase all of his footballing thoughts in one handy place.

    With Gary Neville also on Twitter, it's only natural for the two brothers to bicker back and forth. Both former Manchester United men love to make the other look stupid, resulting in some memorable one-liners. As Phil Neville moves towards retiring from professional football, it's also interesting to see his talk of things to come.


    Recent Corker

    "@d_gibson4: About time I scored! Great 3 points! #COYB" it was given an own goal pal sorry

    — phil neville18 (@fizzer18) April 13, 2013

    Phil Neville suggests something is missing from Darron Gibson's game.

Peter Odemwingie: West Bromwich Albion

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    Peter Odemwingie's opinionated nature shines on Twitter. The West Brom striker, who tried to force a January move to QPR, speaks his mind with little regard for who it will annoy. So much so, Steve Clarke criticised the want-away player in March.

    The Nigerian forward tells supporters that he wants to stay, leave and everything in between. He has also been known to rant uncontrollably, adding another notch to his overly-honest personality.


    Recent corker:

    The dead line day surprised visit has to be explained to fans. just like if a player puts in his CV in Vatican without explanation !

    — Peter Odemwingie (@OdemwingieP) March 19, 2013

    Odemwingie gets political...probably.

Joey Barton: Queens Park Rangers?

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    Joey Barton is still on the Premier League books, sort of. Although the on-loan Marseille midfielder is unlikely to be welcomed back at Loftus Road, he is included on this list as a technicality.

    Whatever you think of Barton, his tweets are endlessly fascinating. Joseph believes himself to be a righteous man, a philosopher and a leader of men. He even has the nerve to question Thiago Silva's gender, an act that could land him in legal trouble if PSG pursue the case.


    Recent Corker

    Off to the beach. Taking my notebook to pencil down how I will one day be the greatest coach these shores have ever produced.#masterplan

    — Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 12, 2013

    Joey Barton kids himself once more after failing to get an England cap in his playing career.

Wojciech Szczesny: Arsenal

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    Something has been missing from Twitter recently. Wojciech Szczesny, amongst a time of poor form and niggling injuries, stepped away from the medium in January 2012.

    His Twitter account remains active, indicating he is open to a return. While inactive at the moment, Arsenal fans will hope the Polish international returns sometime soon. His sarcastic humour and love for the London club shined through in abundance.

    Will Wojciech make a reappearance? Let's hope so.


    (Not So) Recent Corker

    It was good to see Becks in the dressing room after the game last night although he was a bit starstruck when he saw me lol

    — Wojciech Szczesny (@13Szczesny13) January 10, 2012

    Ah, the good old days.

Rio Ferdinand: Manchester United

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    There is one thing that makes Rio Ferdinand worth following on Twitter. While his promotional of ventures away from football may be tiresome, the Manchester United defender has a running spat with villainous Englishman Piers Morgan.

    CNN presenter Morgan is a diehard Arsenal fan. He tweets ridiculously when Arsenal do well and hilariously when they lose. Ferdinand often pulls out the #TearsforPiers trend when the Gunners fail, spicing the conversation up with extra ridicule (I believe the kids call it "banter" these days).

    Other than that, Ferdinand will try to sell you hats.


    Recent Corker

    Peppa Pig galore already!! Real thought provoking tv this, George is an emotional wreck!

    — Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) March 15, 2013

    Forget Breaking Bad—Ferdinand is stimulated by children's television.

Sammy Ameobi: Newcastle United

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    Sammy Ameobi is stupidly funny, although I'm not sure he knows it. His naivety is the source of humour that often pokes fun at himself and football as a whole. He also loves to talk about food, so much so that his local KFC have immortalised him on their Wall of Fame.

    Newcastle United's raw talent has nothing to hide. Sit back and enjoy the madness.


    Recent corker:


    — Samuel Ameobi (@Sammy_Ameobi) April 9, 2013

    A thank you or nod to his favourite television show? Oh, the wonders of Sammy Ameobi.

Vincent Kompany: Manchester City

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    There have been too many silly shenanigans on this list. We need the sensibleness of Vincent Kompany to calm everything down.

    Manchester City's captain is an absolute gent on Twitter. He is the kind of man who promotes worthwhile causes and discusses football in an eloquent manner. Amongst all of the stupidity that arises online, this is somewhat refreshing.


    Recent Corker

    Referee has now taken action against racism in Hol! That was needed in the name of football. Next step is for fans to take action. #Progress

    — Vincent Kompany (@VincentKompany) January 30, 2013

    Big Vinny K uses Twitter to speak out on important topics.

Carlton Cole: West Ham United

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    See Carlton Cole wince? He's one of many footballers who has fallen foul of saying too much on Twitter. While the West Ham forward has calmed himself in recent times, he isn't afraid to speak about world issues and other matters of importance.


    Recent Corker

    Cyprus gets a lifeline but I can't help but think that investors and savers got their pants pulled down losing up to 40% of their monies!

    — Carlton Cole (@CarltonCole1) March 25, 2013

    Wait a minute, a footballer speaking about politics that isn't Joey Barton?


    Which Premier League players perform admirably on Twitter? Let me know in the comments section and be sure to follow me right here: