WWE Bracketology: Which Entrance Theme Is the Greatest of All Time?

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIApril 13, 2013

WWE Bracketology: Which Entrance Theme Is the Greatest of All Time?

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    This is the third installment of the WWE Bracketology series.

    In the first installment, Undertaker was voted as the greatest singles wrestler of all time. In the second installment, Edge and Christian were voted as the greatest tag team of all time. Here in the third installment, we will decide what entrance theme song is the greatest of all time.

    In the opening part of this installment, you will have the opportunity to vote on the play-in matchups.

    Let's get to the voting!

Criteria and Voting

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    The method to come up with these 80 themes was no easy feat. In fact, there were a few times where I wanted to blow the whole thing up and double the size of the bracket just to fit all of the themes in.

    However, I fought that urge and have come up with 80 themes that represent a little bit of everything.

    To fill out this bracket, I spent many hours fishing through hundreds of wrestlers' entrance themes. The bracket mostly consists of superstars, divas, tag teams and stables that were in WWE at one point or another.

    However, there are a handful of themes that belong to those who have never stepped foot on WWE soil.

    Since taste in music is very subjective, I have decided not to award seeds to the songs. Instead, once each region is down to 16 themes, they will be randomly paired against each other.

    I know that I will never satisfy everyone. If you feel a theme was snubbed, please be sure to take advantage of the comment section below to let me know. 



    Eighty themes in all will be part of this bracket. Each region will have four play-in matchups.

    When you vote, please keep the following ideas in mind.

    • The "pop" or reaction that it produces from the crowd
    • Is it catchy? Are fans able to familiarize themselves with it quickly?
    • The sing- or hum-along factor
    • The opening three seconds. Those first few bars should be enough to let you know who is coming.
    • Gimmick—does it fit their gimmick? Is it believable?
    • Longevitydoes the theme stand the test of time?

    Voting will take place over the span of the next couple of weeks.

    The play-in round will be voted on first, followed by the opening rounds in each region.

    I will allow 24-48 hours between each round of voting.

    In order to vote, you will need to comment on the article with your selections for each round or tweet it to me.

North Region: Play-in Round

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    "Realza" (Alberto Del Rio) vs. "Written in my Face" (Sheamus)

    "Relaza" is the current theme used by Del Rio.

    He switched to this theme earlier this year. The switch seemed to cap off his face turn.

    The theme itself has a strong intro and gets right into a nice instrumental.


    "Written in my Face" is the current theme used by Sheamus.

    He has used this theme as a heel and as a face.

    The theme has a decent opening. The elongated "Oh's" really make the theme.

North Region: Play-in Round

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    "Some Bodies Gonna Get It" (Mark Henry) vs. "Awesome" (The Miz )

    This is Mark Henry's current theme.

    The theme is terrific for Henry's character.

    When Henry comes to the ring with this theme, the guy in the ring knows exactly what is in store for him.


    This is the current theme for The Miz.

    What is great about this theme is that it incorporates his catch phrase.

    Themes like this really capture the essence of the Superstars' character.

North Region: Play-in Round

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    "ChaChaLaLa" (Fandango) vs."Here to Show the World" (Dolph Ziggler)


    This is the current and only theme Fandago has used in WWE.

    This theme has exploded in WWE in recent weeks.

    It definitely is a catchy tune!


    Dolph Ziggler currently uses this theme in WWE.

    The lyrics of this theme fit Ziggler and his character very well.

    #ShowOff indeed.

North Region: Play-in Round

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    "Just Close Your Eyes" (Christian) vs. "Flight of the Valkyries" (Daniel Bryan)


    Christian has had many WWE themes, but I think this is his best.

    This theme is his current theme, or at least it was prior to his injury.

    The theme starts off quick which lets the audience know right away that Captain Charisma is coming.


    This is the second theme for Daniel Bryan in WWE.

    This theme song is all instrumental, and it's fantastic.

    The theme really allows for the audience to take part in his chants.

Looking Ahead

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    Part II of this installment will feature the results of the play-in matchups from the North Region.

    It will also include the opportunity to vote on the play-in matchups from the West Region.

    Remember that once all of the play-in matchups are complete, voting will begin on the round of 64.


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    What did you think of Edge and Christian winning the tag bracket?

    How do you see Fandango doing in this bracket?

    Remember, if you want to vote, you can do so by commenting on this article or tweeting me.