Minnesota Twins Note: Quick In-Game Injury Report

Ravuth ThorngCorrespondent IApril 3, 2008

Today's start for the Twins continues a long line of injuries plaguing the Major Leagues. Whether it was lack of preparation during the off-season, or stretching their limits too early in the season, I don't know.


Pedro Martinez of the Mets went down early in his first start of the season putting him on the DL with a hamstring strain. Miguel Cabrera was scratched from the Tigers lineup, David DeJesus is day-to-day, and Kevin Slowey of the Twins is out with a strained right bicep.

There is no word yet of how serious this injury may be, but his spot in the rotation was not guaranteed to begin with.

Francisco Liriano was optioned to Class A ball to make a start, then was scheduled to make one in AAA before he rejoined the Major League club. That is where he, Kevin Slowey, and Nick Blackburn would battle it out for the two remaining rotation spots.

However, with today's turn of events and replacement Brian Bass being a guy that they really want to keep in the pen, would the Twins decide to call up Liriano earlier than expected?

Again, it is not certain how serious Slowey's injury is, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, if it does turn out to be worse than expected, look for the Twins to make a roster move. And the best arm they have is, guess who, Liriano.