David Amerson: Video Highlights for Former NC State Cornerback

Old AccountSenior Writer IApril 26, 2013

David Amerson: Video Highlights for Former NC State Cornerback

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    In a cornerback class that appears to be very deep in the 2013 NFL draft, a team will manage to find good value out of David Amerson.

    The junior standout at NC State has great speed and excelled at the combine, which led to 24 teams showing interest in him at the event. 

    Here are some of the notable highlights from his collegiate career.

Interception and Touchdown Return against Liberty

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    This first highlight of David Amerson should give you a clear idea on why he is expected to be an early round selection.

    His coverage down the field was fantastic, clearly staying step by step with his receiver. Eventually, Amerson took advantage by leaping in front of him and intercepting the pass.

    From there, he continued to impress throughout the rest of the play. His awareness of what players were around him during the run, and his ability to avoid oncoming tacklers while on his way to the end zone clearly stood out to me.

Pick-Six against Maryland

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    The first highlight you saw wasn't the only time Amerson displayed an impressive interception and a return for the touchdown.

    This play shouldn't come as a surprise, as he managed to intercept the pass and used his breakaway speed to further distance himself from the rest of the Maryland offense.

    I have become very impressed with Amerson's ability to anticipate throws from opposing quarterbacks, which has resulted in plenty of success on many occasions. 

Punishing Tackle in Open Space

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    The concern with many of these cornerback prospects when they reach the NFL is how well can they open-tackle wide receivers coming out of screens and other unique offensive packages.

    Amerson shows on this play that his tackling ability shouldn't be a concern. His elite speed helped him key in on the opposing receiver, and he finished the deal by tackling low and causing a fumble. 

    His quality tackling could work in his favor when he competes for a starting job in NFL training camp this summer.

Another Interception against Liberty

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    Amerson has evolved as one of the more dynamic defensive playmakers in college. This didn't occur simply because of the interceptions, but due to his ability to find the open lanes on the field and putting himself in a position where he could score a touchdown each time he has the football.

    This was no different on this interception he had versus Liberty. Although it did not result in another defensive touchdown, he made the most of the turnover by gaining plenty of yards on the return. Moreover, it took three Liberty defenders to bring him down . 

    His vision on the football field is superior to the majority of prospects in this year's class. This interception is another example why.

Interception against North Carolina

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    Another game, another interception for Amerson. This time it came against the Tarheels, who challenged the veteran cornerback by taking a deep shot into the end zone.

    Amerson took full advantage as a result. He positioned himself well to come up with the interception, and showed no fear by taking it out of the end zone to make something more out of the turnover.

    Clearly, that decision panned out. Amerson gained 30 yards on the return and put his offense in good field position.

    While these decisions can come to backfire at times, Amerson realizes his own talent and knows he can make a major impact every time he snatches a ball out of the air. 

Interception and Touchdown against Virginia

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    In a highlight reel that showcased all of Amerson's interceptions, his pick against Virginia stuck out as the most impressive to me.

    Amerson wasn't directly in front of the receiver as he typically is during these turnovers. Instead, he came in on the side, and managed to strip the ball away and into his own grasp.

    After that, the race was on between NC State defenders and the Cavaliers players who were trying to tackle him. With a collision course appearing to be setting up in the end zone between both teams, Amerson leaped over the pile of players and scored the touchdown.