Most Unfireable Coaches and Coordinators in College Football

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IApril 14, 2013

Most Unfireable Coaches and Coordinators in College Football

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    To choose a career in coaching is like becoming a professional poker player. There is a gamble, but a lot of skill and attention to detail will typically bring wins. It sounds easy, but few are able to sustain consistent results.

    The few that do find consistency have become virtually un-fireable because of their efforts. It is tough to reach Elliot Ness status as a college coach, but these eight have become untouchable.

    It has been a tough road for these guys, but their hard work and dedication to their craft has made them among the most respected in the game. Here is a look at the eight untouchables of college football. 

Chad Morris: Offensive Coordinator, Clemson Tigers

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    The Clemson Tigers have been on a rise over the past few years and offense has been the key to that resurgence.

    Chad Morris has been the difference maker for the programs offense, and his sudden rise onto the college coaching circuit and seemingly unstoppable offense has made him a current untouchable coach.

    In 2010 the Tigers were ranked No. 79 in rushing and No. 78 in passing. By 2012 the Tigers were the No. 37 best rushing unit, and the No. 13 best passing attack in the country. Clemson was also No. 6 in scoring offense.

    Without Chad Morris this program is back in the middle of the ACC. 

Frank Beamer: Head Coach, Virginia Tech Hokies

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    Frank Beamer has been at Virginia Tech since the 1987 season. The legendary head coach also played his college football at Virginia Tech from 1966-69 as a cornerback.

    Beamer is 216-102-2 in his time with the Hokies and has only had four losing seasons in 26 years with the program. All of them came within his first six years with the program.

    Over the years, the head coach has created “Beamer Ball,” a nickname given to his team because of its ridiculous ability to make plays on special teams and create turnovers.

    As long as Beamer is willing to roam the sidelines in Blacksburg, VA, he will be welcome there. Beamer is as un-fireable as they come. 

Bill O’Brien: Head Coach, Penn State Nittany Lions

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    Bill O’Brien is in an interesting situation to say the least. The Penn State program is up to its eyeballs in NCAA sanctions for the next few years, and no other coach is jumping at the chance to reform the program.

    O’Brien took a shattered team and won eight games in his first year. The future looks bright with both the school and coach committed to a turnaround during the tough road ahead.

    This is one of the safest coaches in college football as the Nittany Lions need consistency in the program, and O’Brien looks to build a legacy and add to his resume. 

Bill Snyder: Head Coach, Kansas State Wildcats

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    When mentioning un-fireable coaches, Bill Snyder’s name can’t be too far out of the conversation.

    Not often does a coach leave retirement to rebuild a program for a second time, but that’s what Snyder did in 2009 after he took a four-year hiatus from coaching. A 170-85-1 record at a program that was known for losing prior to his arrival ensures that Snyder will stay until he retires again.

    It also helps that his team plays in Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium. It would be hard to fire the coach you named the stadium after. 

Greg Mattison: Defensive Coordinator, Michigan Wolverines

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    Greg Mattison is one of the most respected defensive minds in college football.

    He has been in coaching since 1976, and he has served four collegiate and one NFL program as defensive coordinator in his time on the sideline. He most recently took his second trip to Michigan to coach defense in 2011 when the Wolverines hired Brady Hoke.

    Mattison is legendary in coaching circles, and the results he has created so far in Ann Arbor since his return are nothing short of amazing.

    The Wolverines defense was No. 110 in total defense in 2010. When Mattison arrived in 2011, they rose to No. 17, and in 2012, the program finished No. 13 in the country in total defense.

    Until he chooses to walk away from the game, Mattison will be welcomed on the Wolverines sideline.  

Nick Saban: Head Coach, Alabama Crimson Tide

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    There is no bigger name in college athletics than Nick Saban.

    Over the past seven seasons at Alabama, he has won three national titles and had a statue erected in his honor outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

    If he continues winning as expected, he may eventually see his name added to the field or stadium itself.

    The Alabama faithful may not put Saban in the same light as legendary coach Bear Bryant just yet, but he is scary close. The rest of the country is thankful that Saban doesn’t have an affinity for patterns for this very reason.

    There is no safer job in coaching than the seat currently held at Alabama.