Jamar Taylor: Video Highlights for Former Boise St. Cornerback

Old AccountSenior Writer IApril 25, 2013

Jamar Taylor: Video Highlights for Former Boise St. Cornerback

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    Boise St. has proven to prepare many of its players for the NFL, and that will not change as the 2013 NFL draft approaches.

    Jamar Taylor played four years with the Broncos, anchoring a secondary that was underrated in large part due to the success that the offense has gained in recent years.

    Taylor shined in his senior season and made his case for becoming a worthy NFL selection. He added 51 tackles, four interceptions and three forced fumbles to his resume.

    With the draft quickly approaching, here are a few notable highlights that give us a preview on what kind of prospect he can become.

Long Interception Return for a Touchdown

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    This first highlight can give us a pretty clear idea on how good Jamar Taylor is as a prospect. With his back facing the end zone, Taylor didn't have much room for error while defending his target.

    Yet, that didn't matter. Taylor managed to position himself in front of the wide receiver, which led to a routine catch and an ultimate return for the touchdown. 

    His speed was impressive, as he managed to make it in for the score despite two Arizona St. players running at full steam trying to catch him.

Sack, Forced Fumble against UNLV

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    A cornerback prospect becomes very valuable when they are effective rushing the quarterback as a result of the blitz.

    Taylor proved he is clearly capable of that on this play, as he came on the blitz and sacked the quarterback from behind, who had no clue that the veteran defensive back was anywhere near him.

    Although UNLV retained possession, Taylor proved to be very smart by swiping at the football and jarring it loose as he took down the quarterback with him.

Interception against Washington

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    In front of a national audience, Taylor proved his worth going up against the big, physical receivers of the Washington Huskies.

    After an initial struggle, Taylor manages to quickly get in front of the receiver, catch the ball cleanly and maintain possession as he falls to the ground.

    On that play, he showed his ability to be physical while also being very balanced as an athlete.

Quick Reaction to Read-Option Play

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    With the read option continuing to develop in the NFL, the cornerbacks who have success at defending these schemes could have a higher ceiling on pro defenses.

    Taylor sniffed out this play from the start, crashing into the backfield and tackling the running back for a big loss.

    It was impressive to watch his instinct and how quickly he reacted once he saw the ball being released from the quarterback's hands. 

Interception against BYU

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    Taylor has been the most consistent pass defender for the Broncos during the majority of his career. A big reason why is his ability to capitalize on turnovers when given the opportunity.

    BYU was directing a steady drive against Boise St on this play, but that came to an end when Taylor managed to get in front of the receiver and make the easy interception.

    While there was nothing flashy about it, a turnover in that situation was a big moment in the game for the senior cornerback.

Interception against Fresno St.

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    The commentators displayed my exact thoughts on this fantastic interception by Taylor. Not only did he time the route perfectly, but he used his physicality to position himself where he was able to force the turnover against the Bulldogs.

    Fresno State's quarterback was in awe, not believing what he had just witness from the future NFL pro.

    He wasn't alone on that one. That was one of the better, if not the best, interception I've seen from a cornerback in this year's draft.