Rey Mysterio Loses His Mask Twice in a Match

The Rated R SuperstarContributor IApril 22, 2009

SmackDown wrestler Rey Mysterio was unmasked twice during a match with Chris Jericho at a SmackDown/ECW live event held in Scotland on Saturday night.

The first instance occurred when his mask slipped off during the match, with Mysterio covering his face in front of the audience while Jericho yelled at the referee.

Subsequently, Mysterio went under the ring to put his mask back on, but it fell off a second time after he was whipped into a turnbuckle.

Prior to the match, Jericho did a promo saying he would take Mysterio’s mask off, although the second time appeared to be accidental.

On the second occasion, his face was exposed for a few seconds before he went under to put it back on.