Chance Warmack: Video Highlights of Former Alabama OG

James DiMaio@@JamesDiMaioCorrespondent IApril 25, 2013

Chance Warmack: Video Highlights of Former Alabama OG

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    Chance Warmack, hands down the best offensive guard in the draft, may also be the most NFL-ready prospect in the entire 2013 class.

    He plays with exceptional power and strength, which allows him to excel in both run blocking and pass protection.

    Warmack undeniably has a hefty blend of talent, football smarts and determination.

    Whoever drafts him will instantly have a much better offensive line.

    Here are some of the best highlights from his college career.

A Bulldozer in the Running Game

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    In this clip, Warmack showcases his strength to push defenders away from the ball.

    He locks on to defenders well and effectively paves the way for ball-carriers.

    Whoever gets to run behind this guy in the NFL will be a happy man.

Gets to the Second Level

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    Warmack can get to the second level in a hurry in the running game.

    This clip highlights his ability to get upfield quickly and push defenders backwards, allowing for lengthy runs.

    He also flexes his motor by blocking multiple defenders in a single play.

An Interior Anchor

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    In pass protection, Warmack is truly an anchor in the middle of the offensive line.

    He rarely budges.

    His elite strength allows him to outmuscle defenders on a regular basis, but he also uses his hands well and displays near-flawless leverage technique.

    Any quarterback would be happy to have this brick wall keeping the pass rush at bay.

Pancakes, Anyone?

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    This clip is awesome just because Warmack completely pancakes this dude.

    If I didn't know any better, I would have guessed he was playing defense on this play.

    Warmack has a mean streak and that is always welcome in the trenches.

Yes, Highlights Can Be off the Field as Well

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    If this interview is any indication, Warmack is a focused young man that simply wants to be the very best at what he does.

    Talent can only take you so far.

    Character and determination are vital parts of the equation as well.

    If there's anything worse than a knucklehead, it's a talented knucklehead who doesn't take advantage of a great opportunity.

    Chance Warmack isn't a knucklehead.