Waste Valuable Hours Playing 'Where's Waldo at the Masters'

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 12, 2013

Photo Credit: Waldo at the Masters
Photo Credit: Waldo at the Masters

Seeing as how you don't have anything to do this weekend, you might play "Where's Waldo at the Masters" while watching the event. It's meta fun for the whole family. 

Deadspin happened upon one of the more ingenious endeavors the Internet has produced recently. They would like to direct your attention to the Tumblr entitled Waldo at The Masters. It's at this time that we will wait and welcome you back in a few hours when you are finished. 

Here are some of the more intriguing puzzles. 

Y.E. Yang looks just as befuddled as we are in this particular case. 

Rory McIlroy putts, and Waldo gets lost amid the mass of fans also wearing horizontal stripes. For once, golf fans and their sartorial decisions serve a purpose. 

If you have trouble with this one, there may not be any hope for you. 

Somewhere, off in the distance, Waldo is breathing in all that Augusta has to offer. 

Granted, none of these were all that difficult, and it would have been far better if we had a real-life Waldo dress the part and lose himself amid the throngs at Augusta. Get on it, Internet. 

Still, I welcome any and all works of beautiful nostalgia. It brings me back to a simpler time when our books had far more pictures and life's tasks demanded finding Waldo, a Wizard, Wenda, Woof and his bone

Now if we could just get someone on Carmen Sandiego at the US Open, we will really have something. 

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