Ranking the Best WWE Diva Prospects in NXT Right Now

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 12, 2013

Ranking the Best WWE Diva Prospects in NXT Right Now

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    It's not often that the minor leagues have as much or more talent than the major leagues, but that's certainly the case right now with WWE's Divas in NXT.

    Should WWE decide to showcase its female talent more, the company only needs to turn to its developmental system for a host of talented women. They come from Ireland, England, Texas and California. They fly and they bash.

    WWE has been on a Diva signing spree.

    The company has added arm-wrestler Sarah Backman (h/t Diva-Dirt.com) and kickboxer Kendra Smith (h/t PWMania.com), among others. Those women will have their work cut out for them in order to pass the Divas ahead of them.

    The best NXT's Divas division has to offer are ranked here on their in-ring ability, personality and how well their look would translate to WWE.

7. Charlotte

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    Charlotte will get both added opportunities and criticism because of her famous dad. Being Ric Flair's daughter means she's going to constantly get compared to him. She is clearly embracing that link by using the figure-four as her finisher.

    Her height (5'10'') and beaming smile will remind some fans of a pageant contestant.

    She's green in the ring, but athletic. Charlotte's NXT profile lists her accomplishments in volleyball and cheerleading. She adds solid charisma to the mix.

6. Emma

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    The Australian spark plug will make for some exciting matches. Emma is among the speedier prospects and has a wide variety of moves in her repertoire.

    She's adept at viciously wringing her opponents' arms, but her most dangerous weapons are her feet. Her low dropkick and Yakuza kick are among her best moves.

    Emma makes smooth transitions between holds, displaying impressive chain-wrestling skill.

    She's pretty, well-versed in the ring, her accent helps her stand out some, but she lacks the "it" factor that some of the women ranked above her possess.

5. Rebecca Knox

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    Recently signed, Rebecca Knox is immediately one of the better in-ring workers in the NXT Divas division.

    She's both agile and technically savvy, as demonstrated by her double-jump missile-dropkick and bridging necklock. Beyond that, though, Knox is compellingly aggressive. Her predatory ways make her perfect for a WWE heel.

    Her lively, fun-loving hooligan vibe makes her an ideal face as well.

    She is one of the toughest women on the roster, having returned to wrestling after suffering cranial nerve damage (h/t Diva-Dirt.com). Being Irish makes one think immediately of pairing her with Sheamus, but the versatile performer provides a variety of options for WWE Creative.

4. Sasha Banks

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    At just 21, Sasha Banks has plenty of time to develop her skills, but she's already a high-energy wrestler who can impress in the air and on the mat.

    Her moves like the missile dropkick and suicide dive are exciting, but are still in need of polishing.

    She is a quick, technically skilled wrestler who is built similarly to AJ Lee. Banks has a spirited personality to go along with her vivaciousness in the ring. Someone like Summer Rae is going to get more attention for her looks, but Banks is plenty pretty to have pre-teen boys forming her fan club.

3. Audrey Marie

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    In the vein of Kaitlyn, Audrey Marie is a bruising powerhouse of a woman. Her Texas-inspired attire and build may also remind fans of Mickie James.

    Her strength is one of her best attributes, but Marie is also athletic and appears comfortable between the ropes. She can provide brawls or mat wrestling.

    She takes a basic move like the headlock takedown and brings viciousness to it. She's also not shy about selling her opponent's offense. Marie is one of the NXT prospects most ready to jump to the main roster now.

2. Summer Rae

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    There are better wrestlers in NXT than Summer Rae, but few will make as an ideal WWE Diva as she will.

    With as little as the women are asked to wrestle in WWE, compared to how often they are photographed, Summer's hotness makes her a prized commodity. Magazine covers and TV appearances await her.

    She may look a lot like Kelly Kelly, but Summer is better in the ring than the former Divas champ. She has a mighty fine clothesline in her toolbox and brings a similar aggressiveness to many of her moves. That should make for more believable matches once she's called up.   

1. Paige

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    Paige is the future of the Divas division.

    She sports a distinctive look, her raven hair contrasting with her pale skin. It's her wolverine-like aura, though, that will keep the fans' attention.

    Compellingly aggressive and convincingly tough, Paige's intensity will force folks to pay attention to WWE's females.

    She's only 20, but is already a fine mat wrestler and her brawling skills are already main event ready. Paige is teeming with talent and offers WWE a cornerstone around which to build a stronger women's division.