Lonnie Pryor: Video Highlights for Former Florida State FB

Alex Ramirez@@alexramirez127Correspondent IApril 27, 2013

Lonnie Pryor: Video Highlights for Former Florida State FB

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    The fullback position is an overlooked one when it comes to the NFL draft. In 2013, Kyle Juszczyk is the top rated player at the position. He's projected to be drafted in the fourth round.

    After Juszczyk, eight players are considered talented enough to be taken in the draft, with up to 12 others going undrafted.

    Lonnie Pryor is the second-best fullback in the draft. According to CBS Sports, Pryor is projected to be a fifth- to sixth-round pick. The former Seminole led Florida State to an Orange Bowl victory in 2013, being named Most Outstanding Player. In the game, he rushed for 134 yards and two touchdowns on only five carries.

    Here are Pryor's top plays from his collegiate career. 

60-Yard TD Run vs. NIU, 2013

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    On his way to winning the Most Outstanding Player award at the 2013 Orange Bowl, Pryor flashed his explosiveness in this 60-yard touchdown run.

    Pryor came into the game with under 300 yards on the season. On five carries, Pryor totaled 134 on the night. The announcer says "the fullback takes it to the house" to emphasize how unusual it is for a fullback to break off a long run.

    Pryor took the inside handoff, followed blockers to open the hole and then just took off. Plays like these are why he's projected to be drafted in 2013.

    Pryor has the ability to be a fullback that turns into a running back like Mike Tolbert or Peyton Hillis.

13-Yard TD Run vs. Clemson, 2012

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    Similar to the play before, Pryor takes the inside handoff for the score. Although he scores on a much shorter run, it still highlights his run strength.

    Pryor did not have many big runs in college, but as this video shows, he is capable of them with the right blocking. Straight off the line of scrimmage, Pryor follows his blockers perfectly until he finds a hole he wants to explode through.

    He may be a fullback, but his acceleration is phenomenal.

8-Yard TD Run vs. NC State, 2011

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    Again, Pryor scores on an inside handoff in the same exact setup.

    He does score again, but much differently on this run. Instead of showing us his speed and acceleration, as in the last two runs, Pryor displays his extreme power and athleticism.

    He ran through the NC State defense on this run. It looks like he was hit by about six defenders before ultimately falling into the end zone for the score.

3-Yard TD Catch vs. Boston College, 2010

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    The video may be short, but if fully shows Pryor's ability in the passing attack.

    Pryor shows incredible poise to not only catch the pass, but extend at the last second to score the touchdown. He can be a great escape receiver in the NFL when nothing is open downfield.

    Another player Pryor could emulate is Marcel Reece of the Oakland Raiders.

50-Yard TD Catch vs. Clemson, 2009

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    Lonnie Pryor has a lot in his arsenal. His athleticism and speed can intimidate defenders, but his receiving skills should not be overlooked.

    In this play, Pryor runs a wheel route after multiple play-action fakes. He makes an over-the-shoulder catch without losing speed. He also makes an outstanding dive into the end zone for the score.