NBA: Western Conference Dominates the League

Arman LewisContributor IApril 3, 2008


I'm looking at the standings in the western conference and I had to go and grab the fire extinguisher because the page caught fire.  The western conference is too hot for TV right now.

It is hard to say who out the top eight will be playing for the NBA championship because all eight teams are pretty much playing championship-caliber basketball right about now. 

There are no teams in the eastern conference besides Boston, Detroit, and Cleveland that can hang with the best 10 in the western conference. 

There is absolutely no explanation for the domination that is taking place in the west right now; it is absolutely ridiculous. 

This has become a recurring trend in sports these days.  There is one conference, one team, or one player that starts to dominate the league. 

We see it in football (Colts, Patriots, AFC) and now we see it here in basketball with a whole conference. It’s amazing.

The NBA has taken a turn in this decade.  Back in the 80's and 90's, the eastern conference had the NBA on lock, but looking at the past several seasons, from 2000-2007, the western conference has won all but one championship, with San Antonio winning four and Los Angeles winning three.  The only other teams to win are Miami and Detroit. 

By the looks of it, there won't be an eastern conference NBA champion until the cows come home to moo.