David Quessenberry: Video Highlights for Former San Jose State OT

Gary Davenport@@IDPSharksNFL AnalystApril 26, 2013

David Quessenberry: Video Highlights for Former San Jose State OT

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    When David Quessenberry arrived on campus at San Jose State, there was little to indicate that the then-240-pound kid would one day be preparing to ply his trade in the National Football League.

    Now, three years as a starter at left tackle and more than 60 pounds later, that's exactly what Quessenberry is preparing to do.

    Granted, the 6'5" 302-pounder isn't exactly an elite prospect, but he is a versatile blocker capable of playing every position on the offensive line, a trait that will no doubt appeal to many NFL teams.

    Here's a look at some of the best from the two-time All-WAC performer's time in school.

Protecting the Passer vs. Brigham Young (2012)

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    The 2012 season was a revelation for the San Jose State Spartans, as after spending years as a WAC doormat, the Spartans won 10 games in the regular season and finished the season ranked in the top 25 for the first time in more than two decades.

    A team isn't going to win double-digit games without solid line play, and Quessenberry, as a veteran leader and the team's left tackle, was the foundation of that offensive front.

    Quessenberry was on top of his game in a November tilt with BYU, keeping quarterback David Fales upright and helping to propel Fales to more than 300 yards passing against the Cougars.

    On the highlight featured above, Quessenberry shows off his pass-blocking skills, giving Fales plenty of time to find wideout Noel Grigsby for a 51-yard touchdown.

A Crafty Player vs. Brigham Young (2012)

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    If there's a knock on Quessenberry, it's that he's neither especially big nor especially strong, which sometimes made him susceptible to bull rushes.

    However, as Quessenberry showed against Brigham Young, brains can often overcome brawn.

    There aren't many examples of Quessenberry run-blocking in a game where the Spartans rushed for fewer than 60 yards.

    With that said, Quessenberry does a good job on this play of simply "helping" linebacker Kyle Van Noy to overpursue away from the action, while running back De'Leon Eskridge breaks the run inside.

Holding the Line vs. Brigham Young (2012)

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    The fact that David Quessenberry isn't the most powerful of blockers doesn't mean he's not capable of holding his own in the trenches.

    Quessenberry is very quick to break out of his three-point stance and get into position, and as the above play shows, he's also adept at spreading his feet to widen his "base," which can help prevent opposing defenders from overpowering him.

    When his technique is sound, Quessenberry is a more-than-adequate pass-blocker, and that's on display on this screen pass by the Spartans.

    What makes this doubly impressive is the fact that for much of this game Quessenberry matched up with BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah, who many pundits consider a potential top-five pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

Showing His Mettle Against Big Names: 2013 Senior Bowl

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    Quessenberry faced off against the likes of BYU's Ezekiel Ansah during his senior season, but the 2013 Senior Bowl was not only a chance for Quessenberry to showcase his talents for NFL scouts, but also to do so against a higher level talent than he faced in the WAC.

    Quessenberry didn't disappoint in the practices leading up to the game in Mobile, Ala., holding his own against such highly touted NFL prospects as UCLA's Datone Jones and Margus Hunt of SMU.

Versatility on Display: 2013 Senior Bowl

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    Not a whole lot went right for a North team that was badly outplayed by the South squad in the 2013 Senior Bowl.

    However, from an individual standpoint, Quessenberry played fairly well.

    The game afforded Quessenberry an opportunity to line up at guard, the position that most scouts project as his best NFL fit.

    Not only did Quessenberry hold the point of attack, but he also displayed excellent mobility and technique when on the move, such as when he pulled on this run by UCLA's Jonathan Franklin.