Indiana Pacers Jeff Pendergraph Has Weirdest Pre-Game Routine You'll Ever See

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Indiana Pacers forward Jeff Pendergraph doesn't see much playing time, which is probably a good thing, considering how exhausting his bizarre pregame routine looks.

He might not have much gas left in the tank after using so much to fire up his teammates before the tip.

His strange hype-up histrionics look like T'ai Chi on fast forward with a little bit of krumping and the robot thrown in for good measure.

There are even some elaborate handshakes and elements of mock combat involved.

In other words, Pendergraph's routines are complicated.

But don't assume that just because the spectacle looks so difficult and rehearsed that Indiana's reserve big man spends much time practicing, though.

Apparently, even he doesn't know what he's going to do from game to game:

That's probably a good thing, as it keeps the dancing and howling fresh. It'd be terrible if Pendergraph recycled his wacky moves. That might cause his teammates to get bored and shuffle off disappointed, leaving the backup forward alone on the court mid-seizure.

The origins of the routine are simple: Pendergraph went nuts in a similar fashion before one of his college games at Arizona State. He got a positive response and kept it up.

Hey, Jack Haley waved a towel for the Chicago Bulls back in the day. And Robert Sacre can hardly contain himself on the Los Angeles Lakers bench. There's a long history of role players finding ways to contribute without hitting the floor.

Pendergraph has found his—even if it makes it look like he's lost his mind.

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