Watch LeBron James Captivate in New 2013 NBA Playoff Commercial

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistApril 11, 2013

We're all watching you, LeBron.

With the NBA playoffs fast approaching, the league released the first in a series of postseason-related commercials featuring none other than LeBron James and his exploits during Game 7 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics.

The message? 

We're watching. Everything you do, we'll see it. All of us. Like Santa Clause. Or a really persistent stalker.

Creepy as it sounds, it's true. Even those who don't consider themselves avid hoops-heads would have to admit they're entranced by the NBA playoffs and the drama it has to offer.

There's just something about the win-or-go-home formula that captivates the masses, no matter where they reside. Or at least that's what the NBA is going for here.

In an effort to pump up the whole "Now Is BIG" slogan, the Association depicts people all around the world stopping to admire LeBron steal the ball and finish off the break with an alley-oop.

You can hear the play being called in an array of different languages, complete with the ticks and tocks of a battery of clocks. Then comes the dunk and the world goes nuts.

In case you're wondering what that is vibrating beneath your feet, it's global anticipation mounting.

The postseason is a place to watch the league's best teams go up against one another, a place where the superstars shine brightest and each game means something. 

It's a place where winning takes precedence over everything.

"It's time," reads the screen.

Time for tension to escalate, for sweat to be shed and for titles to be chased. Time for the world to journey into the realm of postseason basketball.

LeBron will be there. Maybe even Kobe Bryant will be there too.

And let's face it, you know you'll be there.